RCYC 2016 Day 2

I won’t even pretend that I’ll be able to go to all 14 shops on the Rose City Yarn Crawl. I salute those who have already turned in their completed passports! I started my day with a trunk show, but not on the crawl.

Lantern Moon luncheon

Lantern Moon’s fabulous retreat began with a luncheon at McMenamin’s Kennedy School. I had a little trunk show for this room full of happy knitters before they headed off for Skamania Lodge. Also in this show were Brooke Sinnes (Sincere Sheep, you can see her at For Yarn’s Sake on Sunday) and Deb Accuardi (Chicken Coop Botanicals).

Summertime Blues

Summertime Blues is making the rounds! So fun for people to try things on.

The Lantern Moon crew was headed for a tour of Pendleton Woolen Mills in Washougal, WA. Two of the retreat attendees are wool-allergic, so they planned to hit a few stores on the Crawl and meet up with the group at Skamania. They had already been to Close Knit, so I recommended Twisted and Yarnia. Yarnia, so uniquely Portland, where they could choose their fibers and have them made into their own one-of-a-kind yarn. I ended up there later, and heard that they had made it in and made their yarns!


Yarnia’s offerings are sorted by fiber content. You choose your plies, and they are wound off together for you.


Yarnia also has pre-wound yarn, for those of us who can’t decide. (I’ve been one of those before.) I love how they display little swatches on the cones, and label the wool-free ones. I hadn’t been to Yarnia’s new location, so I really wanted to see it, and am glad I had a chance to visit. Their new space is lovely.


Yarntastic is another new-to-me shop. It’s over in the Sellwood neighborhood, which is the far end of Portland from me. I was charmed by their yarn tree, seen here over Stacey Kok’s (Thoroughly Thwacked) trunk show display. What a lovely riot of color.

thoroughly thwacked

This little sparkly blue gradient set was calling my name, loudly. I’m still thinking about it. Hmmmm.

Shannon & Lorajean

I also stopped at Northwest Wools, which was mobbed by crawlers. I’m not really stalking Shannon and Lorajean, but wherever you go, there they are! Plus, I was picking up Girl Scout cookies from Shannon. If you need cookies, she’s your source. Nom.

Today I’m planning to go to Wool ‘n’ Wares to see rainbows and maybe sheep, and back to For Yarn’s Sake to see the Spincycle gals.

Spincycle Yarns

I bought this beautiful yarn from them last year, and realized later that it really needs a coordinating/contrasting color to make it sing. So I’ll bring my pretty pink/purples and audition the other colors with them. (Does this remind you of my color pop auditions for BangOutASweater? Seeing is believing!)

Where are you on the crawl today? Leave a comment. There may be a reward!

7 responses to “RCYC 2016 Day 2

  1. What a wonderful tour! Love seeing all these amazing colors and textures. Glad you hooked up with Deb Accuardi!

  2. I’m on the other coast, wishing I was there. What a wonderful crawl!

  3. Leigh Anne Halpert

    I’m headed downtown today for the crawl. Dublin Bay, Twisted, Happy Knits and perhaps Yarntastic if there is time.

  4. Marion Fetters

    I won’t be making the crawl today; going to my grandson’s third birthday party!

  5. Nancy Bertrand

    There is a really nice yarn shop in Washougal called Wooly Wooly Wagtails. They have a good selection of wool free yarn.

  6. Great to see you at For Yarn’s Sake and to get some help for my Summertime Blues yarn choice. What a sweety Lorajean was to introduce me to Sincere Sheep (not even her product!)
    I made it to NWWools, Twisted, Knitting Bee and Dublin Bay before I had to leave for a weekend trip. At the pace of 5 shops on Thursday, I might be able to fill out my passport next year. I bought yarn at each shop too with no shame at all.

    Thanks to you for the pattern deal, I added two more of yours to my collection.

  7. I’ve made it to 6 shops so far, and planning to make it to the remaining 8 today! Plan is to start at NW Wools, then Wool and Wares, and then over the east-side shops.