Bang Bang BangOutASweater!

stopover knitting done

I finished all the knitting on my Stopover last night! Monday to Monday, and done. Except for the color pops. I’m waiting for my swap of color pops to come in the mail, and I’ll duplicate stitch them when I choose a color!

stopover rolled neck

Mods: I made a rolled neck edging because I don’t want Lett-Lopi ribbing at my neck. I skipped the last row of colorwork, knit a round with my neck color. Changed to smaller needles (US9) and knit 7 more rows (so 8 rows total). No neck decrease, just kept the stitches left over from the colorwork section. Bound off with larger needle (US10.5). It makes a lovely rolled edge, and the neck hole is not tight around my neck.

I knit the whole thing one size larger, to compensate for my difference in gauge. I used the sleeve cast on number for the next smaller size, and continued the increases until I reached the right number.

Still need to graft the underarms, weave in ends, add color pops, wash and block. But I’m calling this 99% finished. All the knitting is done!

This was a quick fun knit. Sweater is 40.5 inches around, a nice sweatshirt-y fit. Now that I know what it’s like, I can see making one more fitted, but not too fitted. But I have other things to work on right now.

I’m getting ready for Madrona Fiber Arts Festival. I’m teaching a mini-class on blocking on Thursday. You KNOW I love blocking! Are you going to Madrona? Hope to see you there!

14 responses to “Bang Bang BangOutASweater!

  1. Wonderful! I am a sucker for stranded sweaters and Lopi so I bought 3 sweater’s worth of Lett-Lopi at a good price in Iceland last fall. Once I finish my Hanne Falkenberg Ballerina, guess where I am going next with your inspiration? Thanks. I have Scatter and Lopi Affection planned and I guess this will be the the third one…it’s Stopover, right?

    • Yes, Stopover by Mary Jane Mucklestone. it’s a quick knit, really loose gauge. Now I want to go to Iceland! I see that Laura Nelkin is leading a tour in September, but I can’t go then. At least, I don’t think so…hmmmm.


    • Iceland! Did you go with a tour, or on your own? It’s on my bucket list. Yes, Stopover, and my swap colors are here so it’s time for me to finish!


      • I was on a Craft Cruises Knitting trip across the North Atlantic. We shopped Greenland, Shetland, Faroes, Iceland, soomerfuglen in Copenhagen(home of Hanne Falkenberg and Helga Isager) and Oleander in Norway. Craft Cruises trips cannot be surpassed.

        Check out the Hélène Magnússon tours in Iceland.( that are hiking, camping and knitting. A friend who is a super hiker did one and wants to go back. She said the pace is fairly slow and fun knitting.

        I hope your wish is fulfilled soon.

  2. Thanks for great project notes! They will come in handy when I tackle my sweater.

  3. Claudia Roberts

    Very nice. You are a fast knitter.

  4. Wow… Just love this sweater and color combination couldn’t be better…. Heading over to your Ravelry page now…. Sold on this one…. THANKS FOR POSTING….. BEAUTIFUL…..

  5. Wow! that turned out really great – impressed it was 1 week, too!

  6. I hope you wear it at Madrona. That way I’ll know to stop you and say hi. I’ll be working on mine as well.

    • Not enough time to block and dry, and I’m still waiting on swap yarn for color pops! So I won’t be wearing it yet. Maybe I should wear my gauge swatch around my neck… But if you see me, show me your Stopover! Isn’t this the best KAL?