Gift knitting deadline looming near

Are you still trying to knock out last minute gifts for Christmas? (It’s too late for Hanukkah this year; all the candles have been lit.)

menorah and christmas stockings

Solstice? That’s even sooner than Christmas!

I don’t do deadline gift knitting; I don’t like the pressure. But I’m shopping through my ever-growing stash of knitted design samples for some very nice gifts.

If you’re the kind of knitter who thrives on holiday gift knitting, don’t forget about the Indie Design Gift Along. You can win prizes for participating, which is a bonus on top of getting your gift knitting done. The GAL/KAL/CAL runs through the end of the year; check out the action on Ravelry.

And here’s a very cute “T’was the Knit Night Before Christmas” to keep you amused…

2 responses to “Gift knitting deadline looming near

  1. I do like giving knitted gifts, but having attempted to knit everyone in my family something for Christmas for a couple of years, I’ve scaled way back. The nephews get something small (although the youngest is getting a sweater this year because I didn’t actually manage to knit him any when he was born), and my husband gets a pair of socks, but I keep the knitted gifts for everyone else to their birthdays. And even at that, it’s usually small and manageable (read: socks), except for my nephews, who get sweaters. That way, the deadline knitting is spread out and much more manageable.