Portland outdoors, knitting, Tigard Knitting Guild

It’s been a warm dry summer here, which makes getting outdoors a pleasure. Yesterday we climbed a volcano. Within the city limits! Mt. Tabor is an extinct (or maybe just dormant?) volcanic cinder cone, with an elevation of 636 feet. We wanted a short, spur of the moment hike close to home, since we were getting a late (noon) start. This was perfect.

Mt Tabor reservoir

You know most of my hikes involve waterfalls. This will have to do. This is one of the three open air reservoirs on Mt. Tabor, where part of the city’s water supply is held.

Mt Tabor view of Tillikum Crossing

There’s a nice view to the west toward downtown, looking out at Portland’s newest bridge, Tillikum Crossing.

tillikum crossing reflection

DH and I saw that bridge the other day, when I took him on my favorite bridge walk. The reflection of the bridge, and him, on the Portland Opera building was pretty cool.

fire station boat ramp pdx

This was the fifth time I’ve done this walk this summer, and I just noticed the cool sculpture on the fire station. See the concentric circles? They come into focus as you walk eastward on the Hawthorne Bridge.

If you’re looking for more fun free things to do around Portland, the Oregonian just ran a feature today. I’m feeling pretty savvy, because I was already doing some of those things!

Other than that, I’m knitting, knitting, knitting. I took a little detour from my gradient project to work with this lovely yarn from Knitted Wit. There’s a deadline for this design project, so it has moved up to the front burner.

knitted wit sprinkle dye

I’m speaking at the Tigard Knitting Guild tonight, talking about blocking. You know I love blocking! Click the link for details. You can visit the guild twice before joining, so if you’re local, come on by.


7 responses to “Portland outdoors, knitting, Tigard Knitting Guild

  1. Love the pictures Michele!

  2. Kathryn Gearheard

    Congratulations for doing outdoors and knitting while Portland is in an extreme heat warning. Wish i could make it to Tigard Guild tonight for your blocking help but anther engagement got in the way..some other time, OK?

    I am mad about KnitWit colors. I went to JJ Foster’s birthday party at their studio. They offered bins of their leftovers at a good per pound price. I now have socks and matching mitts from some of that treasure.

    Keep going, you inspire me in each post.

    • I have to admit, walks are better earlier in the morning, and knitting is a breeze because we have central air conditioning! This summer would be pretty miserable without a/c. It’s a hot one!


  3. You live in SUCH a beautiful area.

  4. Catherine Given

    Michele, I’m a new subscriber. Love this! Will you share: what is the last KnitWit yarn pattern project on this page — looks so lovely.