Hiya Hiya Interchangeable Needles review

I bought some new tools when I was at TNNA last May. These are Hiya Hiya Interchangeable Needles, in the small sizes, regular tip stainless.

Hiya Hiya 1

Inside this pretty case are four inch needle tips sizes US 2 through 8.

Hiya Hiya interchangeable

In the zippered pocket on the back of the case are cords to make interchangeable needles in 16, 24, 32, and 40 inch lengths, as well as rubber grips for tightening the tips to the cords.

back pocket

I’m using size 4 tips to make a 32 inch needle. This is just right for my current design project with this gorgeous Knit Circus gradient yarn. So far, they are knitting just as smoothly and nicely as my fixed length Hiya Hiya stainless steel needles. I like Hiya Hiya needles for the smooth join between the needle and the cable when I’m working with lots of yarn overs. The yarn overs glide right up and over the join.

Hiya Hiya interchangeable

These needle tips are 4 inches long. I think they’re too long for a 16 inch needle, because it’s hard to comfortably bring them around into a circle with long tips. But I like these tips just fine for the other needle lengths, and I wouldn’t like them to be shorter. The needles are also offered in a 5 inch tip, but that’s too long for me.

I kind of wish I had chosen the sharp tips option, but these are sharp enough. I’m enjoying my project so far.

Do you use interchangeable needles? What do you like?

11 responses to “Hiya Hiya Interchangeable Needles review

  1. Knitters pride interchangeable a

  2. Paula Johnson

    I’m currently in love with Marblz by Knitter’s Pride. The joins are smooth and the needle tips are somewhat between metal and bamboo in slickness. Plus they come in really pretty colors:-). Each sizes a different color.

  3. I love love love my 4″ smalls hiya needles! At first they felt strange to knit with but now I prefer them over anything bigger. It’s so much easier to manipulate them especially in tight places. I also have the large sizes in the 4″ but haven’t got to use the really fat large sizes yet.

  4. So there’s no ‘catch’ at the joint area?

  5. I have one Knit Picks interchangeable that I bought because it was the only one in the shop that was the right size. First the cable wouldn’t stay screwed on. I put a drop of nail polish on it (rendering it not interchangeable, but at least, useful) and then the wood tip came out of it’s cap. Had to superglue it into place.

    As you can tell . . . I was less than impressed and KnitPicks answer when made aware of the problem …….return them to the store of purchase for an exchange. Unfortunately, the store wasn’t going to carry them anymore and there wasn’t one to go get. Tough out of luck on that one, but the glue is holding so …….KNIT ON!

    • So sorry for your less than optimal experience! You might try contacting Knit Picks directly to see about a replacement since the store is no longer carrying them. Do you use mostly wood? I’ve been enjoying stainless steel! I like the slickness of these, slick but not too slick. I find the Chia Goo to be a little grabbier, which I didn’t like as much. So many needles to try!


  6. So far I’ve been using the Knit Picks interchangeables and haven’t had any of the problems I’ve heard of people having (like the poster above). But I’ve been eyeing a set of Hiya Hiya sharp ones. I’m thinking if a set doesn’t materialize for my birthday, it might be a birthday present to myself.

  7. I’m going through chemo and my fingers are soooooo tender. Let me know, if you get the Hiya Hiya sharps, if they’re really sharp – or not. I love the Susan Bates Quicksilver ones – but the smaller ones hurt my fingers sometimes, and bought a ton of the Knitter’s Pride – but the smaller ones (#0 and #1) broke. Otherwise, the Knitter’s Pride are my favorites.

    • I find the regular Hiya Hiya tips to be pointy enough for most of my knitting, but if I’m going to be doing a lot of lace stitches, that extra pointiness of the sharps can be handy. I have several of the fixed length sharps for lace, but they’re not absolutely necessary. My current lacy project is with the regular point, because that’s what I had on hand before hopping on a plane. I’m guessing you don’t need the extra pokiness at this point (hah!) in your life. Wishing you success with the chemo.