Knitting in time out…

on the way to the frog pond.

I took some knitting to our annual Crafty Moms weekend at the coast last week. I had 5 skeins of Malabrigo Arroyo in Purpuras that I bought to knit a sweater, and realized I would never get around to the sweater. I only needed 3 skeins for the second sample knit of my new design (coming soon). I had knit through one skein of Arroyo, and started the second skein. These yarns aren’t the same color. Rookie Malabrigo mistake; I should have checked more closely when I bought them.

Mal mismatch

So I opened the skens and compared colors, and chose the next one to knit. And that’s when I realized…these yarns aren’t even the same weight. I think some Rios (worsted weight) got tagged as Arroyo (sport weight). I have 3 skeins of the heavier, and two skeins of the lighter. Unfortunately, I need 3 skeins for this project, and I started with one of the lighter skeins, which means…

No go. Rats.

Malabrigo Rastita Sabiduria

After coming home, I consoled myself by picking up some Malabrigo Rastita at Wool ‘n’ Wares during my trunk show for the Rose City Yarn Crawl. Very similar color, and I checked color AND weight before purchasing!

What did I do at Crafty Moms weekend, without this project? I worked on my Fern Shawlette for the XOXOKAL,
pdxknitterati fern shawlette

enjoyed some magnificent sunsets,

beach sunset 2

Twin Rocks sunset

walked on the beach with friends,

crafty shadows

ring around the sun(ring around the sun, and Twin Rocks)

pelagic gooseneck barnacles(pelagic gooseneck barnacles on driftwood)

pelagic gooseneck barnacles(gooseneck barnacles and acorn barnacles)

gooseneck barnacles on driftwood

and played with beads. I was very pleased with this beaded, knotted necklace and earrings,

bead play

and these earrings, too.


Carole made these sweet necklaces and earrings.


And Lisa made a bracelet and necklace at her first Crafty Moms weekend.

Lisa's necklace

We had 14 moms at the beach, and all had a good time! This was the 13th year for some of us. It’s always nice to spend some time away with friends. How was your weekend?

5 responses to “Knitting in time out…

  1. knitterbeader

    Thanks for making me think about Malabrigo Rios and others re color and weight. I guess I’ve always “lucked out” and came home with color and weight all a match. But, I’ll be more on the lookout next time, for sure.

    Love the jewelry made. Also a “habit” of mine. Think it’s time for me to get my subscription to “Stringing” magazine renewed!!

    • I guess I’ve always lucked out before, too! Or maybe it’s because I’m usually a one skein project person, so it’s never been an issue before. Live and learn.

      I gave my necklace to my sister for her birthday, so now I need to make another one…for me, me, me!


  2. The Crafty Moms weekend sounds wonderfully creative and relaxing, along with the wonderful weather. Where do you stay at Rockaway?

    It was good seeing you last Thursday at Wool ‘N Wares.

  3. merriammusicinc

    You are making me so jealous! Here I am, stuck in a cold and windy country, where there is still snow all around! I love you Canada, but posts like these are what makes me want to drive straight to the airport, and jump of the first plane that is heading somewhere warm and sunny!!

    • It has been truly spectacular here on the west coast. My plum trees just burst into bloom this week! Hoping things warm up for you soon. We didn’t get any snow this year at all…