Happy birthday to me pattern sale

It’s the anniversary of my 29th birthday. Again! To celebrate, I’m having a pattern sale. 29% off all patterns that are available from ME in my Ravelry pattern store. Because today, it’s all about me. Heck, it’s all about me, all weekend! This sale is good through Sunday, September 7, Pacific Daylight Time. Use the coupon code BIRTHDAY to get your discount.

The only pattern you don’t want to use this code for is the ZigZag Lightning Cowls; they are still celebrating their launch with the code ZIGZAG through September 9, which gets you a slightly bigger discount.

ZigZag Lightning Cowls

What else is going on? It’s the first week of our Snowy Woods KAL.

snowy woods knitalong

It’s such an addictive knit that yarndiva1 is already binding off. Binding off the longest version! I’m not that far yet; here’s a progress picture from Wednesday. I was downtown, and found a very cooperative model.

snowy woods cowl

snowy woods cowl, on otter

It’s not too late to join the Snowy Woods KAL. We are having fun discussing this in my Ravelry group. Come on over!

8 responses to “Happy birthday to me pattern sale

  1. Hope you had a great day.

  2. Leslie A. Gordon

    Happy birthday!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Michele! Mine too! (the 14th).Thanks for the pattern sale–I bought a beautiful cowl pattern.Dawn

    Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2014 17:05:17 +0000 To: dawnsharafi@hotmail.com

  4. Happy Birthday! Hope it was fantastic! So excited to cast on the Snowy Woods Cowl!

  5. You’re just 29? I am as well. Luckily we’re both wise early. Might you possibly put together a beginner kit with big needles, big yarn and sell newbies a pamphlet with it? I’m thinking scarf. Winter scarf, no embellishments. Just quality yarn and I’ll try again after XXX years. I’d tell you but you know, ………

  6. Happy belated birthday!! Love the ZigZag Lightning Cowls.