Oregon coast weekend, symmetry, and more

I went to the coast for a retreat this weekend. It rained torrentially, except for about an hour after dinner on Friday. I hadn’t been to the beach in Gearhart before, so I took a quick walk to see what there was to see…



a gorgeous sunset



Tillamook Head, to the south


Interestingly textured seaweed


And these very interesting things. They look like tubes of tapioca. I had never seen them before, so I put the picture up on Facebook and appealed to the power of the interwebs. The answer came back quickly, from the 9 year old daughter of a friend. (Concidentally, the very same kiddo who was the recipient of the Gryffindor sweater that needed a new home a few months ago.)


They’re squid egg sacs. More info here, if you’d like. I love science…

We did a little cardboard loom weaving on retreat.


My piece says a lot about me. I like symmetry. I like a plan. I’m currently designing a knit piece, and symmetry plays a lot into what I find appealing. Is this the sign of a tidy mind? It’s not a sign of a tidy house!


My friend’s piece was a lot more free-form than mine. That says a lot about her, too. The fact that there’s room for both in this group? That says a lot about the world!

There were 15 of us; the Lodge can house up to 26. If you’re looking for a group getaway spot on the Oregon Coast, I highly recommend The Lodge at Gearheart’s Little Beach. It overlooks an inlet, but beach access is a short walk down the road.


Another week of the Aloha KAL done, and it’s time to pick the next winner. This week’s prize?


These totally fun wine glass coasters. Very aloha! It’s not to late to join the KAL. I’m guessing it will run at least 2 more weeks. More info here.

How was your weekend? I frogged a design prototype, and figured out how to make it better. Symmetrically, of course…


4 responses to “Oregon coast weekend, symmetry, and more

  1. Aww, I love your ‘travel’ posts. I used to live in Cannon Beach, a short drive south of Gearhart. I met a Californian and moved down here when we married 20 years ago. So thanks for a taste of home. I used to walk the beach every morning before work. Boo Hoo. Gosh the pattern of the ‘rug?’ under your weaving and coasters is reminiscent of the squid eggs. I prefer symmetry as well. I like your weaved item. Pretty!

    • Aww, thanks! I love Cannon Beach; we stopped there for lunch and a visit to Coastal Yarns before heading home.

      I love this new rug in my studio. I hadn’t noticed that they look like the squid egg mops!


  2. Knitting groups are amazing. In our group there are all levels of knitter from very, very beginning to a lady I would only describe as fearless and very knowledgeable. We have one that flies by the seat of her pants and it’s amazing what she turns out.

    We all get along ………..we all help each other……and we all cheerlead when the going gets rough.

  3. No wonder this took so long to load, all your wonderful photographs! And my slow old MacBook of course. Great to see you’re out in the world and having fun. Dee