Holiday yarn bombing

There’s another wave of knitterly (and crocheted) public art in Portland. Downtown Portland is featuring holiday sweaters for some of the statues downtown. Here’s the schedule for Monumental Attire. I went to check out the first wave of sweaters, but unfortunately someone has made off with most of it.

This deer still has her sweater and leg warmers:


But I think someone stole the sweaters off the otters:


Someone definitely stole most of the cardigan off “Allow Me” leaving one sleeve behind (because they couldn’t get it past the umbrella?), but the sleeve is gone now, too.


The next wave begins Thursday, November 21, and you may need to hurry if you want to see it before vandals make off with it! “Kvinneakt” is scheduled for a sweater this week, and she looks like she could use it. A bit chilly out there. (Do you remember this statue from the”Expose Yourself to Art” poster, which featured future Portland mayor Bud Clark?)


As part of the festivities, there is also an ugly sweater contest, a party to celebrate it, and a request for donations for Transitions Project, an organization that helps people transitioning from homelessness to housing. You can read all the details here.

Portland: It’s a quirky town and I love it. I’m especially loving the desire to share knitting and do something good at the same time. That’s Portland in a nutshell! Now if only vandals would stop making off with the art.

Knit on…

7 responses to “Holiday yarn bombing

  1. I am still always shocked and disappointed with vandalism as well as other much greater wrongs of the world. Portland didn’t used to be like that. Darn to change in the wrong direction. But thanks for sharing what was left .

    • I know, and who steals a sweater from an otter? That’s not going to fit anyone. I could see why a cold homeless person might want Umbrella Man’s sweater, even minus an arm. But otters?

      More sweaters this week!


  2. Ah, Portland. People really will steal anything there! When I lived there, I remember seeing a sign in my neighborhood directed to the person whole stole plants out of someone’s yard. Seriously?!?! Maybe these are the same people who stole the otter sweaters….
    Thanks for sharing what you found, though – I can’t wait to see the next wave!

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