Tempus fugit

Time flies! I’m a little buried under right now, in a good way. I have two design projects in the works, but I can’t show them to you yet. And I’m prepping for classes at Stash in Corvallis this weekend and Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival next weekend. There is nothing so inspiring as a deadline. Git ‘er done!

I did take a little time out last week to celebrate a friend’s significant birthday. We were in Pacific City, home of the other Haystack Rock on the Oregon Coast. (There may be one more, but this one and the one in Cannon Beach are the most well known.)

haystack rock  pacific city

Yes, there are surfers here! Full wetsuit required; it’s cold out there.

haystack sunset

Our house was high on the hill (out of the tsunami zone!) overlooking the town and the beach, perfect for sunset viewing.

sunset in a glass

Click on the photo for a closer view; the sunset is echoed in the stem. Bonus!

We went down to Lincoln City to Jennifer Sears Art Glass Studio, and played with glass. I made a paperweight, and my friends blew glass floats. Very cool to learn about the process, and do our own…with lots of help.

stretching glass

Stretching molten glass so I can twist it in a knot. Even in glass, I wanted something yarny…

swirled float before blowing

Swirled float before blowing…

swirled float after

And after.

paperweight back

My paperweight.

paperweight front

The bubbles are caused by a sprinkling of baking soda. There’s no place for the air to go when it’s dipped in the last layer of molten glass, so it makes bubbles. I love this. And I’m dreaming up ways to do it again. So many possibilities!

I did take a little time with graph paper and pencil to chart out my new project, and math out the underpinnings. Now I’m home, knitting it, and I think I love it. Looking forward to showing it to you, later.

What are you working on? It’s definitely fall here, so I need to get back to my cardigan…eventually. Deadlines first!

7 responses to “Tempus fugit

  1. Oh my gosh! How beautiful is that paperweight??? You did a great job.

    I’m working on some fall socks. The first one should have enough to show some time tomorrow or on Saturday. They definitely show the colors of the season. 😉

  2. That’s just gorgeous! It’s my color too, can you believe it. Such coincident. My girlfriend did the same thing while she was in Mexico last week. Glass art is huge. I played with it when I lived in San Francisco but it has been many years…someday I may get back to it. Beautiful photos. Thanks for the treat.

  3. So lovely & it’s reminiscent of the Pacific Ocean.

  4. Wow, that’s beautiful! Love the colors!

  5. You are too cool. You’re innovating and learning every day and all I seem to do is fight prospective fires. Show us the finished product and make sure to wear safety glasses and gear when working with glass, D

  6. Love, love, love the paperweight!! Isn’t that the most fun? I’ve been blowing glass there for the last two years. First was a float for Brian and I, then a float for my stepdad and a bowl for my husband for Christmas. I was thinking of doing a paperweight for me this time. Yours is gorgeous. I was thinking about a starfish, but now… hmmm… maybe the simplicity of round -with-swirls might be just the thing. I think it is great that ‘you blow your own floats’ when in fact you actually just choose colors and do what you’re told. LOL And it’s like magic. They make sure that my ignorance does not get in the way of a pretty piece at the end. I wish more processes were like that.

    Oh and I am still working on a shawl. Or, more accurately, not working on a shawl and cleaning out my studio in prep for a sewing retreat. Where I will work on my shawl.