A sweet pink sweater for my new cousin

I forgot to show this to you.


It’s a very pink baby cardigan, In Threes. I knit it back in March, in two days. Then it sat around for a month, waiting for buttons.


These are not the buttons I intended to put on it. I bought these, but couldn’t find them!


I found them right after I mailed the sweater to my cousin’s new baby. They were at the bottom of my knitting basket. Why do I own six Peter Rabbit buttons? I don’t know, but they look cute on the sweater! I can see using this pattern again; it’s a really quick seamless knit. What’s your go-to baby gift? For a girl, mine is usually a watermelon cap or Elsa hat (both free patterns of mine), but this sweater is great for when a little more effort is needed.

Photo shoot for Garland and Filigree today. I’m about to look at the pictures from my camera. It was a very breezy afternoon, and the sun kept dipping behind clouds (good) and coming out (bad, light too contrasty). At least it wasn’t raining. Hoping that there are enough good pix to get Garland up by tomorrow. Soon!

9 responses to “A sweet pink sweater for my new cousin

  1. Your link for the watermelon cap needs the colon after the http.

    The sweater is ADORABLE! Love that hot pink color.

  2. Lovely little sweater. & you are not alone in owning six (or more) Beatrix Potter buttons!

  3. Leslie A. Gordon

    I absolutely LOVE this!

  4. A great little sweater – and in many sizes!

  5. Of all the things ice knit for Alice this is one of my most favourite. Versatile, practical, a good knit and so cute. Love it in pink!

    • I didn’t realize that you’d knit this one, too! It was a fun knit, and I’m sure I’ll be doing it again. Just not in time for tomorrow’s baby shower. Still thinking about that one. Maybe an Elsa hat, if I can pull myself away from the Filigree Shawl I’m trying to finish.