Coming soon: Garland Shawl and KAL

Spring has arrived in PDX. The trees have gone through their pink and white blossomed glory, and are settling nicely into green. My knitting has, too.

This is a sneak peek at Garland, my upcoming design. I was inspired by my awakening garden, and by Sivia Harding’s Sideways Lace Shawl Design class in March. Put the two together, and the result is a leafy lace border on a sideways crescent shawl. Optional beads along the leafy ribs add a bit of bling.


I am so happy that I finally found the perfect use for this gorgeous skein of Cashy Lite from Knitted Wit. It had been through two previous design starts. The first was nearly done when I saw a nearly identical shawl at my LYS. The second will require two skeins, and I only had one of this very special color from Lorajean’s first CSY in 2011. Third time’s a charm! And the yarn has held up like a champ, even after two froggings.

The pattern is written and is going through a final test knit. I’m hoping to publish it next week after photographs. And best of all, Lorajean and I are planning a June KAL. I’ll have a discount coupon code for participants, and an extra special coupon code if you’re ordering yarn from Knitted Wit. More on that next week, when the pattern goes live.

Place orders by June 1st, orders will ship June 15th in time for the June 21st cast on. You’ll receive one skein of Cashy Lite, 80/10/10 Merino/Cashmere/Nylon, 495 yards. Visit to see all the yarn colors available, write in the color name when checking out. If you want the same color as mine, ask for Spring Green. It’s not in the flickr set; it’s special for this project because I love it so much, I’ve convinced LJ that we should do it. It’s a great color, fresh and lively, and not too neon or acid. Think happy new growth green!

I love the added sparkle that beads give to this design. They remind me of dewdrops on morning leaves. I started by using the crochet hook beading method that I learned from Sivia way back at the first Sock Summit. It’s pretty efficient, but I tend to split my yarn with the tiny crochet hook while pulling it through the bead about 20% of the time. My knit nite buddy Sarah sent over some of her new Bead Aids to try out. I am a convert! I have not split my yarn at all since moving to this new method. It’s a great tool, and I highly recommend it.

I’m looking forward to publishing the pattern next week. Do you want to knit along? Have you ever added beads to your knitting?

20 responses to “Coming soon: Garland Shawl and KAL

  1. Yes I want to join in. Should I wait to order until you post the discount coupons?

    • I’ll do a KAL coupon code for $1 off next week when I release the pattern; it’s not up yet. If you’d like to order yarn from Knitted Wit, you can go ahead and do that. I’m doing a bigger discount for knitters who are buying both the yarn and the pattern, $2 off.

      Looking forward to it!

    • PS: Thanks for knitting along!

  2. meezermeowmy

    Thanks for the Bead Aide link. I liked the crochet hook placement, but this is even more elegant.

    • It’s working really well for me! I also tried a dental floss method where you load several beads in advance, but it took me a lot longer to maneuver my beads into place when I wanted to use them. Too fiddly!

  3. Dorothy Murphy

    I’m thinking about joining the KAL, but I cannot use any wool. I have a nice yarn if it’s the right weight. What weight is the yarn you’re using, and how many yards are needed?

    • The yarn I’m using is a light fingering weight, and it has 495 yards in the skein at 4 ounces/114 grams. Lorajean has been winding them longer and heavier (4.5 oz, 127 grams, which pencils out to 558 yards) so there’s even more yardage, but 495 yards is plenty!

  4. That shawl is very pretty and so spring. Nice work!

  5. I am in love with this shawl! The pattern, the color, the beads. You have really outdone yourself! I am definitely in for the KAL. I have one question: are there short rows? I am even more afraid of picking up wraps than I am of steeking!

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am in love with this one, too. There are no short rows in this shawl. Everything is very straightforward. Welcome to the KAL! I’ll have the pattern up next week. And BTW, if you’re afraid of wraps, you might like my Ooh La Lace Shawlette. Short rows, no wraps, no pickups. A very gentle introduction to short rows. (I don’t like wrap & turn, either.)

  6. Leslie A. Gordon

    OMG — that is GORGEOUS!

  7. I can hardly wait! Leaving for Hawaii on the 18th of this month. Will the pattern be available by then?

  8. That is really beautiful. Everything about it – from the color of the yarn to the design!

  9. Since waiting doubles the discount – I will plan on ordering next week 😉 I am not usually a shawl person but this is really calling my name, beautiful! I looked at the yarn colors, wanting to avoid the pinks, purples and greys that the majority of things for me get worked in and find this Spring Green will be my choice too!! Can’t wait to get both pattern and yarn!!

  10. What size needles will we need?

  11. I bought the beader needle. That thing is slick!!! Thanks for sharing!