Bridge for Blankets update

Here’s my contribution for the Bridge for Blankets project. This project requires a total of 1512 12 inch squares, so my four are just a drop in the bucket. But every little bit counts!


I’ve been knitting like crazy on other secret projects, most of which involve beads. A simple garter stitch project is a godsend for knit nites and travel.

This is a huge project, but it will be so cool to see knit banners on the Broadway Bridge in August, and to have those banners become 42 usable blankets afterwards. This re-use aspect is what hooked me on the project. So many times yarnbombing just becomes junk, eventually fraying to nothing. I love that this project will have a life after the show.

Tyler Mackie, the creator of this project, could really use donations to help pay for the yarn. I’m donating today, how about you? You can do it here. If you’re not comfortable donating online, you can write a check out to PDX Bridge Festival/ Bridge for Blankets and mail it to :
Tyler Mackie
%Art Craft Silversmiths
3111 SE 13th Ave.
Suite 500
Portland, OR 97202

Your check will be deposited directly to the nonprofit 501c3 account for PDX Bridge Festival, INC.

I posted the instructions for the mitered square over on my Mitered Square pattern page. Enjoy!

Have you ever yarnbombed, or done any kind of public knitting installation? What made you want to do it?

6 responses to “Bridge for Blankets update

  1. Wow Michelle, thanks for your part in this massive project and your support!

  2. I remember those squares! 🙂 Good luck with the bridge project.

    • Thank you! I decided my first square was too loose, so I popped over to Michael’s on Alafaya and picked up a smaller needle after I saw you. Much better! I’m just a loose knitter…

  3. This s a great project. I, too, love the re-use idea. I will donate. I hope that the organizer will publish info on how she set up this project. It sounds like one that should be spread around!