Knitting a blanket…for a bridge

I’m knitting part of a blanket…for a bridge.

Wait, I can explain! Portland’s Broadway Bridge turns 100 this year, and Tyler Mackie wants to celebrate by installing four handknit banners on the bridge in August. Each banner will be 18 x 21 feet. When the celebration is over, the banners will be deconstructed into 6 x 6 foot blankets for Portland’s homeless. The yarn is Cascade 220 Superwash, a practical easy care choice.

I’m knitting several 12 inch squares for this project. Check the Facebook page if you’d like to help knit. Check out the indiegogo funding page for more information on the project. And I’m especially happy the finished project will be made into something useful. Recycling is so very Portland!


I knit my way across the country this weekend. This is Ponce Inlet Lighthouse, Daytona Beach, Florida, and my first stripey blanket square.



203 steps to the top! I love circular staircases.


The Fresnel lenses themselves are a thing of beauty, created to magnify the beam out to sea.


We had a great visit with Kiddo! A little cool at the beach, but a lovely day.

5 responses to “Knitting a blanket…for a bridge

  1. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…I know that spiral staircase. The top two steps scare the bejeebers out of me. Glad you had a good visit to one of my favorite two lighthouses.

    It was really fun seeing you again! Hope you had a safe trip home.

  2. Did you walk up ALL those steps? I think my legs would be jello! Lighthouse looks lenses are awesome- thanks for the picture

  3. Lol- I shouldn’t multi task- that should say… Lighthouse lenses look awesome! Sorry about that.

  4. What a great “bridge” to different communities. Give it over to Portland’s thinkers and organizers to inspire this incredible recycling project. Thanks for doing it. D