Farewell, Google Reader; Hello…who?

I love to read knitting and food blogs. I’m subscribed to hundreds of blogs, and usually I just skim using Google Reader. I’ve particularly enjoyed using Google Reader Next on my laptop, where one click brings up the next blog in all its glory, instead of just titles/text on Reader. But alas, Google is retiring Reader as of July 1. Horrors! How will I keep up with all those blogs?

I’ve been poking around the interwebs looking for alternatives. Feedly looks pretty good, and I love their titles view for computers. I’m hoping they’ll make it available for mobile devices, too; I don’t need a magazine format or lots of pictures. Yes, I love blogs for pictures, but not when I’m skimming. I like being able to choose when to go to the site to see them.

I’ve also heard good things about The Old Reader, and Bloglovin. I’ll probably end up with Feedly, but I’m holding out for that titles view on my iPad and iPhone. For now, I’ll wait and see how things shake out by mid-June.

Do you use a blog reader? If it’s Google Reader, what are you planning to use next?

Also, I keep forgetting to mention: You can follow PDXKnitterati on Facebook and Twitter, if that’s how you keep track of blogs. I usually link to blog posts on both of those, and there’s also light chatter and news going on. Stop by and say howdy.

I’ve updated my blogroll with my current favorites on the sidebar. What are your favorite knitting blogs? I’m always looking for more, more, more!

Magnolia buds

And! Every post needs a picture, so here’s what’s almost blooming here. It’s a magnolia. The cherry trees are all out in full force, too. And it’s sunny/windy/rainy/cloudy/raining/hailing/sunny. Happy spring!

16 responses to “Farewell, Google Reader; Hello…who?

  1. While I love spring flowers, I appreciate them even more when we have had a *real* winter. it has been a couple of years since we had a good winter.

  2. I use Feedly on my iPhone! I really like it!

  3. I love google reader! I’m gonna miss it. I’ll probably try feedly.

  4. loved google reader, hundreds of blogs. tried feedly, didn’t like it, so far bloglovin- except for that dumbass name is in the running

  5. I’ve signed up with The Old Reader but so far am not feeling the love. I use flipboard on my ipad but it’s not good for commenting, though everything looks good. I used to use bloglines, back before Reader, but I don’t know if it’s adapted to the device age. It’s a condundrum!

    • I looked at Bloglines, since I had an old account there, but their browser interface is clunky and there is some junkiness from the marketing arm that runs them now (merchantcircle or something like that?), so it’s probably not for me.

      I hate change…

  6. Love that tree!

    I’m still hoping someone brilliant will come up with something. Otherwise, I’ll be settling for an fx add-on and trying to keep my head out of the oven.

  7. you have GREEN GRASS!! so jealous; I am still up to my knees in snow here in Wisconsin.

    no advice on the Google Reader replacement, unfortunately.

  8. Lovely magnolia blossoms. They’re such pretty flowers. Hopefully the cherry blossoms hang around for a while. You never know with the wind and rain how much time we have to see them.

  9. I’m holding off on migrating just yet, I didn’t want to fight the crowds to test things out. Right now I’m just waiting and weighing my options (including just using the RSS capability buried in my web browser – and oh is it buried). I’ve sent an email with link to the document I’m making.

    • Yes, I think waiting until mid-June may be the way to go. I know the other readers are trying hard to make google refugees happy, so there is probably a lot of tweaking going on. Thank you for the google doc; I will check it out!

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