Rose City Yarn Crawl trunk show tomorrow

I’m getting my hand knit designs ready to show. Here’s what’s on my blocking wires right now; it was time to freshen up!


This is my Infinity Entrelac Infinity Scarf, the Mini Mochi version. Come see it and lots more of my designs, and me, at Twisted tomorrow (Thursday) from 3 to 5 pm. I’ll be holding down the fort with Chrissy Gardiner!

11 responses to “Rose City Yarn Crawl trunk show tomorrow

  1. That scarf is gorgeous!

    • Thank you! You should come see it in person…


      • I’d love to be there, but I’ll be working. (Would you believe I’m working 3 of the 4 days of the Crawl and going out of town on the final day? Sheesh. 😦 But since work starts at noon, I’m gonna try to squeeze in some shopping before I head in each day.) Good luck with your show and with the Crawl overall! It’s all going to be wonderful!

      • Thank you!

        At least you get to do some of it! Last year I was on a service trip to Nicaragua, so I missed the whole thing. This year I”m going out to see some west side shops on Saturday. I don’t really need any more yarn, but you never know what will follow me home! I try to just buy right before I’m ready to start a project, but lots of extras have crept in over the years.

  2. Twisted is on my Friday plan. 😦 Hope to see the lamb though. 🙂 Going to knock out the crawl in two days. Nine shops each and a bonus one on Friday – Opulent Fibers. Then take working friends out on Saturday to any shops they want to visit. It will be insanely fun, I hope. lol

    Good luck with your trunk show!

  3. Your scarf looks so very beautiful! I don’t think I’ll make it into Portland this weekend due to work, but would love to see your designs. I have yet to make a yarn crawl 😦 Maybe next year….

  4. Leslie A. Gordon

    I just queued that pattern!!!

  5. Wish I could be there to see it, but I have to work. While you’ll be coming on my side Saturday, I’m planning on heading into to PDX to see stores that I haven’t been to before. Enjoy!

  6. Wish I could be there!!! One of these days, I am going to check out Portland. Also, entrelac. You’ve really got me interested in the technique.