I envy the heirloom tomato gardeners

Yet even with storebought tomatoes, this was delicious. Pretty as a picture, this is a perfect dish to take to an end of summer potluck.


Caprese Cannellini Pasta Salad

1/4 cup balsamic vinegar (I used half regular and half white balsamic, but either is fine)
12 oz farfalle pasta, cooked al dente and cooled
8 ounces fresh Ciliegine (cherry size) mozzarella balls, cut into quarters
5 Roma tomatoes, cut into chunks, or 1 10 oz package cherry tomatoes, halved
1 cup fresh basil leaves, roughly chopped
1-2 garlic cloves, minced
1 15 oz can cannellini, rinsed and drained
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste

Whisk together vinegar, olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper.

In a large bowl combine pasta, mozzarella, tomatoes, beans, and basil. Drizzle with about half dressing and gently toss until thoroughly combined. Adjust seasonings as desired. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Before serving toss with a little more dressing to refresh. Enjoy!

In other news, I’m a double lucky winner! Leslie at More with Les was giving away a copy of the Knitting 2013 calendar because she has two patterns in it. I won! And she also gave away five copies of her new e-book, Cheer. I was the fifth on the list, so I have that too. It has a great beginning. I have it as next in my kindle to read when I finish the current book. Thank you, Leslie!


The calendar is a collection of single sheets that come in a box. The box converts into an easel to hold the pages. Leslie’s patterns are for a hat and some fingerless mitts, which would be great for quick gift knits.


Aren’t they cute? I’m looking forward to paging through this calendar as the seasons turn. Speaking of which, it’s been comfortably cool here the past few days. I’m knitting with Malabrigo Merino Worsted, finally putting the finishing touches on a design I started back in May. Super cute. I look forward to sharing it with you soon! What’s on your needles? Are you thinking autumn yet?

7 responses to “I envy the heirloom tomato gardeners

  1. Leslie A. Gordon

    So glad you won both. Can’t wait to see your new design!

  2. I’M thinking autumn, but Florida is still thinking summer. 😉

  3. meezermeowmy

    I’m thinking autumn while keeping an eye on T.S. Issac. We get such mixed messages here: we want cool weather and knitwear, but hurricane season goes until the end of November. Boo!

  4. I’m absolutely thinking of autumn! There’s just a tinge of fall coolness in the air in the evenings around here, and I’m planning a fall sweater.

  5. our summers are so hot and dry. So very hard to bear. The thing that gets me through is anticipation of the gardening. The tomato harvest is such a joy!

  6. The extended “indian summer” heat has been taken a toad…in some way, I am looking forward to autumn’s arrival. Insalata Caprese sandwiches are huge hit in my family. I always have a container in the frig for my son and hubby. The salad looks delish. I will have to make it. Thanks for the recipe.

    I haven’t seen the calendar. The projects look inviting and certainly will make terrific gifts. I will need to check it out when I am over the yarn shop. On my needles are two sweaters. I ended up completely ripped out 14 rounds of seeded borders and a sleeve this afternoon.. It was painful but it’s something needed to be done after milking the idea all night 😀 By doing this, the self-discovery is that I do not like doing seed stitch in Size 3 needles, around the whole cardigan–500 stitches in a round! LOL