Sharing the love…of knitting and yarn

I’m the winner of some delicious Blue Sky Alpacas Melange 100% baby alpaca yarn, and a copy of winter Interweave Knits, courtesy of Allison Haas, aka Alaskan Purl! Her design for her offset cable mittens is in this issue, and she is celebrating with a giveaway.


The mittens are super cute, and begin at the tip with Judy’s Magic Cast On, instead of at the cuff. Clever!

The yarn photographs as brown, no matter how I set my white balance. It’s really more of a mustardy greenish yellow. It’s exquisitely soft.



You can see in the last picture that it’s really much more complex. There are shades of green, yellow, and even red in the mix.

Allison has a winner with this pattern. Check out her blog at Alaskan Purl Designs. Thanks, Allison!

And…because I already have a copy of this issue of Interweave Knits, I’ll give away this copy to a randomly selected commenter. Leave your comment below. Contest closes at midnight on Wednesday (tomorrow).

PS: Does this mean I’m acquiring a stash? Yikes! To de-stash a little, I’ll also include this skein of ridiculously sunny Malabrigo Worsted. I used it for my relentlessly cheery bedsocks. 40 stitches around makes a quick knit!



The first picture is truer in color than the picture of the socks. Want to knit with a smile? Comment below. Good luck!

25 responses to “Sharing the love…of knitting and yarn

  1. Rachelle Mathews

    Congrats on the win and thanks for sharing!!

  2. I second the congratulations on the win, and think it’s hilarious how much yarn you have accumulated this past couple weeks for a non-stasher 😉 The Yarn Fates are against you!

  3. How could you not want a large stash? When creative urges come on at 2:30 am how else would I be able to cast on just what I want if the yarn weren’t in my stash?

  4. I would love to win, since I don’t happen to have that issue! Love your bedsocks! They are so cute and look soft. Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. Congratulations on your winnings! I just love the Melange…so soft and complex, not to mention cozy.

  6. I would love to win! Malabrigo is one of my favorite yarns.

  7. How is it possible that I haven’t even LOOKED at that issue? I paged through the spring issue just yesterday, but somehow skipped winter entirely. (Kind of like the weather here has skipped winter.)

  8. Me please… *between jobs* with time to read about knitting and knit while watching the maple sap fire.

  9. I love the yarn and would love this issue of Interweave Knits! Thanks for sharing your abundance! My stash has been getting dangerously low as I’ve been busily working it up into various projects.

  10. I already have the Interweave Knits (and love that pattern), but could always use some gorgeous Malabrigo. 🙂

  11. Lovely! I’d love to win this!

    craftink on raverly

  12. that’s so lovely of you to ‘pass it on’. and i’m definitely up for a bit of ‘ridiculously sunny’ anything.

  13. I’d love to knit that gorgeous yarn with a smile! Thanks for the drawing and good luck with the not-stashing thing. (I failed at that last one, but I don’t mind one little bit.)

  14. I would love to win that beautiful yarn – I’m smiling already! We wouldn’t want to overwhelm you with a stash – better to add to mine!

  15. I’d love to win either the magazine or the yarn – how can anyone have too much yarn? Do you include UK readers?

  16. I purred like a little cat when I knit with Blue Sky Melange and Lantern Moon Ebony needles…..

  17. MMMMMMMM bedsocks!
    MMMMMMalabrigo, what a perfect combo!

  18. I just signed up for a subscription to Interweave, but I’ve never seen the magazine before. This would be a great preview! And, I love the color of the yarn! Thanks for sharing.

  19. lucky! some mal worsted would definitely make me smile!

  20. Thanks for sharing! Love the ridiculously cheery orange 🙂

  21. Congrats on the win! So jealous 🙂 Oh & I love Malabrigo worsted. Such dreamy yarn to work with!

  22. Congratulations and thank you for sharing the win with one of us!

  23. Would be so awesome to win this! The gloves on the cover are great!

  24. What a fun giveaway! Love the sunny color of the malabrigo 🙂

  25. Would love to have a copy of the mag and a new yarn to try. Thanks for the opportunity!