Honolulu whirlwind

Last week DH had a project in Honolulu. I took advantage of his location and headed over on Thursday for the end of his work week. His hotel room faced the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor; this is the view from the window.

ala wai sunset

It’s just down the block from the Hilton Hawaiian Village, where I found this dragon on the beach.


I actually did do some knitting on the beach, too.


I wanted to visit a yarn store, so I picked Yarn Story. (Thank you Google.) I met the owner Kim, in her second floor space on King Street. She has a good selection of yarn, but I wanted something that I couldn’t get at home. This cute package holds my purchases.

yarn story

This yarn is from a local hand-dyer, Nadezhda’s Crayon Box. I have lots of access to hand-dyed wool, but this is the first time I’ve come across hand-dyed rayon/cotton. This color is Pink Lipstick and Pearls, pretty much not me, but I know a young lady who will love it. (Hi, e!)


Kim was knitting with some gorgeous deep sky blue 100% cashmere that Nadezhda is debuting…next week. I asked if she had another ball because I would have bought that luscious softness right then and there, but no luck. I guess I’ll have to go back.

This Romney wool roving is from Hawaiian Homegrown Wool Co. on the Big Island. It’s not as smooth as merino, but lofty and bushy. It will either go into thrums or maybe I’ll drop spindle it…or just put it in a basket and admire it. Kim says that this is the only commercial wool to come from anywhere in Hawaii.


We drove up to the North Shore, just for grins. Apparently lunch from a shrimp truck is a must-do. Giovanni’s was highly recommended, and it was delicious.


We stopped in at Turtle Bay Resort to check out the north shore waves, which are much bigger than those in Waikiki. Gorgeous! The beach is also nice, with deep coarse sand. No beach pic, though…

turtle bay

turtle bay splash

turtle dude

We did spend some time on Waikiki Beach on our last day, near the Duke Kahanamoku statue. I love how people leave him lei tributes every day.


Back to cold and rainy Oregon!

2 responses to “Honolulu whirlwind

  1. Looks like a fun trip! and I love that pink yarn 🙂

  2. Yup LOVE Hawaii… Brought home hawaiin fabric and yarn as well :}