I’m doing one Christmas knitting project. Just one. It’s under control; I’ll have it done tonight. It’s Thrumbelina for a friend. I took it on vacation with me, but I wasn’t sure how it would do on a plane. Big hint: Turn off the overhead air vent when making thrums; they like to fly!


There was also a little breeze here, but it was pretty manageable. And the birds didn’t try to steal the thrums.

I’ll tell you about the trip in the next post, but here’s my obligatory Lantern Moon sheep tape measure vacay pic:


How is *your* Christmas knitting? Almost done? Only four knitting days left!

5 responses to “Thrum-pa-pum-pum

  1. Wow! Little birdie sat awfully close to you.

  2. Just finishing up Sam’s second sock! Charlie’s hat, however, is a different story… don’t suppose he’d appreciate a few skeins of freshly spun merino/angora along with a little picture of his finished hat…

  3. Funny about the air vent! I can see an American Funniest Home video coming LOL A plus: the fiber will be extra lofty 😀

    What a wonderful life LM sheep does live! I am so envy of where he gets to visit. Me and my Christmas knitting was put on a time-out so today I shall continue…I’m known to knit up ’til the eve. Four days left…so I’m not stressing one bit LOL