Hello, Beautiful

Where have you been all my life?

Remember this bag from the January TNNA show?


The Lantern Moon Bali Weekender has arrived from Bali. (So new it’s not on the website yet. The Bali Overnight is similar, with a different needle punch design.) They made it to the Lantern Moon warehouse last week, so I made a beeline over there and brought one home. Did I need another bag? Ummmm, yes. This one.


It’s rather gorgeous, isn’t it? The needle punch work is exquisitely lovely.


And the bag is a great size for travel, or a big knitting project. Or several small knitting projects, which is what I’ve got in there right now. (A pair of slippers, a cowl, and some fingerless mitts, in case you’re wondering.) There’s lots of room left.

What’s your perfect knitting bag? I think I’ve found the one for me!

12 responses to “Hello, Beautiful

  1. Jealous!!! That is a very cool bag! I might need that to be my Travelling Project Bag. Love!

  2. Lucky girl! It’s stunning!

  3. That is beautiful!

  4. What everyone said. It’s dead gorgeous, reminds me of Nicky Epstein’s weekender felted bag that I have been wanting to knit up for year 😀 Thanks for the eye candy 😀

  5. Wow! What a beautiful bag. Not sure that I could explain to hubby that I “need” another bag. :0) Thanks for sharing!

  6. Totally gorgeous bag!

  7. Stunning bag! Right now I’m in love with my huge LJ Kaelms bag from Jordana Paige; lots of room for knitting, wallet, and a book or ipad!

  8. oh my lord that’s a stunning bag! Swoon!

    I’m using a bag I made myself and I do love it!

  9. That bag is indeed stunning. I’ve been having bag envy lately. That is a tempting one!

  10. how beautiful, one can always use a bag like this, yes and I do have bag envy.

  11. Soooo pretty! Love it!

  12. Lucky you! It’s gorgeous – enjoy it.