What’s in a name? I’m PDXKnitterati everywhere

I just changed my username over at Ravelry. I’m now pdxknitterati over there. I think it’s easier to remember than MicheleLB. (How many L’s in Michele? Why random letters LB? huh?) If you know my blog, you know my Ravelry name, and my twitter ID, too. Come follow me down the garden path!


Still swatching, and charting, and I think I have a plan for the next design. What I don’t have is some good mindless knitting that I can just pop into my knitting bag for those spare moments. I’ll get to that…soon. Maybe some big fat worsted weight socks! What’s your “on the go” knitting project?

12 responses to “What’s in a name? I’m PDXKnitterati everywhere

  1. My on the go, sit and knit and all the time knitting is socks! Easy everywhere.

  2. Socks ….always socks. LOL

    When I’m finished with this test knit pair of socks, I’m going to FINALLY cast on for my very first sweater made of sock yarn.

  3. While I think of you as Michele, I think I’ll know it’s you when I see you on the Ravelry. ;^)

    Good question about the knitting. I seem to be all about the curved scarves these days. 😕


  4. e just noticed o on the computer! “Where’s me?” He would like to know : ) I actually left the house with out knitting on an impromptu trip to ikea on the train. Oh well. I have my sweater that I’m chugging, that’s my go to mindless knit!

  5. We just went to the ziggy pattern page and found him!!

  6. I relate to that need of just mindlessly knitting without counting or concentrating too much! Socks! Just about to start on another pair!:-)

    • I started some worsted weight socks tonight. I was teaching a class on knitting hats in the round at my LYS, and I needed to show them something on dpns. And I’ll have warm feet, too!

  7. Branding is important from a business standpoint. So, name changing on Ravelry seems consistent. Toasty feet is good right now too. It’s in the 30s right now and early morning is biting here. Socks are always a good portable project. Good choice.

  8. I have been thinking of doing that, too. I’m not on the forums much on Ravelry, but it seems to make sense!