OFFF 2011, Saturday

September is my favorite month. Birthday, anniversary, back to school, Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival!

I helped Lorajean set up her booth for Knitted Wit on Friday. She has new display walls and they look great! Her new fall color line looks great, too; I’m especially fond of the deep plummy aubergine. I don’t know if that’s the real color name, but I love the color. You can see it on the front of the rack she’s standing by.


I saw my friend Sarah; she was plying a yarn sample that she had just drop spindled.


And met up with my friend Sonia, who had just picked up a pile of goodies for Stash. This is the new shop that she’s opening in Corvallis, Oregon in mid-October. She’ll be featuring fine yarn, fiber, and artisans from the Pacific Northwest. I’m so excited for her!


I did a demo on how to purl back backwards without turning your work at the PDXKnitbloggers’ spot on the lawn. It’s so easy; you just have to dive in and try it. This is a great technique for knitting entrelac, and you know that I do love entrelac!

Saturday evening there was a reception sponsored by Carolina Homespun for the authors and contributors of four new books from local authors: Created in Oregon, Beyond Toes, My Grandmother’s Knitting, and Jazz Knitting. It was a wonderful get-together; thanks to Morgaine for the party!



Check out the peacocks on Jazz Knitting’s author Ilisha Helfman!


Pat came to show me her Zen Rain shawlette. Lovely! And check out the ruffles on ruffles on me. Can one ever have too many? I think not! I’m wearing my new linen ruffle tank, which I finished at 3 a.m. so I could wear it to OFFF. Crazy, yes, but I love it. More on that in another post.

pats zen rain

I met the other Machelle from Created in Oregon. She has a beautiful sock pattern in the datebook. Neither of us spells our name in the conventional Michelle way.

Machelle and Michele!

This post is getting pretty long! I’ll tell you about Sunday in the next post. Did you go to OFFF on Saturday? It was definitely the better weather day!

6 responses to “OFFF 2011, Saturday

  1. Is it wrong that I like this ruffle tank even more than the blue one? And the blue one is beautiful!

  2. That peacock wrap is amazing. You look very cute in your ruffles.

  3. Great post and great job on your ruffle tank!

  4. Thanks for sharing! I missed not being there and sharing in all the fun!

    I can name three of the four ladies at the picnic table, counter-clockwise – Nadine Foster, Debbie Heisler, Noriko Ho, Unknown..

  5. I think the last person is named Marilyn, but I didn’t catch a last name!