Sakura to Hanami, and Japan

I’ve made some tweaks on the design formerly known as Sakura, making it shallower and wider. I like the way it fits me, and it looks great on Bobbi, too.

hanami cowl

I’ve decided that I want to publish this two ways: One, through Ravelry, featuring the beautiful Sakura Silky n Single yarn that Knitted Wit dyed as a fundraiser for Japan disaster relief. This pattern is ready now; you can go to the pattern page here.

hanami cowl

I also plan to publish this through the Knit Picks Independent Designer Program, which means that I need to re-knit it in Knit Picks yarn. Almost done! I also need to re-name the pattern; there’s already a Sakura in the IDP. Sakura thus becomes Hanami, which is Japanese for enjoying the beauty of flowers, traditionally through cherry blossom parties. Who doesn’t love a party? Alas, the cherry blossoms are all gone now, so I’ll have to find a different backdrop for the IDP version of this pattern.

In other news, I sold 90 copies of my Pacific Shawl pattern in March and April, which is $534. I have sent $534 to the American Red Cross for Japan disaster relief. Thanks so much for purchasing the pattern. Now I want to see your projects on Ravelry!

pacific shawl

8 responses to “Sakura to Hanami, and Japan

  1. I just love the color and the new version. Hanami is just as beautiful as Sakura. For people like me with short (or no neck to show), it’s perfect. Genius to cover wide-range of audience. Congratulation in branching out to KP community.

    You go girl. What a fabulous effort in helping people in Japan. The shawl is looking more beautiful each time I see it. 😀 Well…cherry blossoms are still going strong her in the high desert–and so is my allergy! Enjoy the beautiful spring day. Glad to see a glimpse of your busy work 😀

  2. Beautiful patterns, and I love the names 🙂

  3. Love both names and both of those projects. Hopefully there are some other flowers to use as a backdrop for your KP photo shoot!

  4. Your cherry blossoms are already gone and we don’t even have buds! It’s snowed the past two days. I wore Pippi two days in a row because while it’s warm, the winds are up and the snow tends to get into one’s ears. Pippi is my savior these days. Thanks so much for that treasure. Our friend Juni is blogging now. I’ll look into subscribing to her blog. Best to you and your familym, Dee

  5. morewithles

    That donation is sooooo amazing. (And I love your new pattern set!)

  6. If you knit it quickly, you can come down to Bend for the photo – we’re just beginning to blossom now! Love the pattern, and the photo!

  7. Wow! Really it looks so pretty on her she is looking beautiful and adorable I like this pattern your post is so nice.
    Thank you for sharing with us.