Let them eat cake

Well, perhaps not this cake, unless they want a lot more fiber in their diet!


These are from the pattern for knitted cupcakes from Leigh Radford’s One Skein book. Aren’t they cute? Although I’m not sure mine look as much like cupcakes as hers do, and I’m not sure why. But they’re cute, and make a great base for birthday gift earrings as garnish.

The left one is actually quite a bit bigger than the one on the right. I used a size 5 needle for the base on the left, and went down to a 4 for the base on the right. The bases are Tahki Cotton Classic, and the top is Sprout organic cotton from Classic Elite. I think I like the smaller one better; the structure feels a bit more stable. I really like the way the bottoms look, the spoked decrease pattern warms the cockles of my heart.


There’s lots of yarn left for more cupcakes!


In other news, the lists of teachers and classes at Sock Summit are now posted. I looked at the class descriptions, and have determined that I want to take more classes than there are hours in the Sock Summit schedule. Oops.

And finally, I just checked on Ravelry, and I’ve sold 78 copies of my Pacific Shawl pattern in March and April. I’m donating all proceeds from online sales through April 30 to the Red Cross for Japan disaster relief. That’s $468 so far; thanks so much for helping to make this possible. Can we make it to $500? There’s still time!

11 responses to “Let them eat cake

  1. Your cupcakes are really cute! All they would be missing at our house would be sprinkles.
    The classes and teachers for Sock Summit are overwhelming. I don’t know where to start!

  2. Ok Michele you’ve convinced me, both with your kind charitable heart and your gorgeous pattern, to make my first shawl. I just purchased the Pacific Shawl and will make it a priority to get done.
    As for Sock Summit all I can say is grrrr I’m jealous! I really wish there were a Sock Summit East. Enjoy!

    • Thank you! I think you’ll like it, with or without beads. The beginning is drop-dead easy stockinette, and the lace pattern is rhythmic and easy to memorize. Have fun!

      Portland is a great place to visit in the summer, just sayin’…

  3. @justthreadtwiddling: I’m thinking beads could make that happen.

    Those cupcakes are supercute, though, it’s true.

  4. The cupcakes are adorable!

  5. I think I see chocolate frosting in your future! Cute cupcakes. Have fun at Sock Summit!

  6. peacefulknitter

    Cute! I was overwhelmed with the class list for Sock Summit and will have to spend a lot more time looking through the descriptions…

    • It is an overwhelming list, but you pretty much can’t lose. Don’t schedule a complete load of classes though. It’s brain-deadening! And…we need time to shop the market.

  7. Very cute – knitted cupcakes are so much fun! Love the idea of using them as a base for earrings. I’ve made a few as birthday presents – great way to use up yarn!

  8. Aww, they’re so cute 😉