2KCBW: Playing the wild card


The experimental blogging scheduled for today is just too much for this busy week. A pictorial only post? No new pix around here. A podcast? I don’t listen to them often (although I’ve been on one!), because I can’t skim them like I skim reading. A videocast? Even worse for me. so I’m playing the wild card. “Embellish the story: Blog about an embellishment…”

Buttons. I love buttons. Choosing the perfect button for a project is the icing on the cake. And like icing, I don’t get to have it until the cake, or project, is done. The buttonholes have to be made before I take my project to my favorite button store, the Button Emporium in downtown Portland. It’s a great incentive program to have to finish knitting before shopping, and it also means that I’ll be able to tell if the button is the correct size!


These are the buttons on my most recent sweater, the Heather Hoodie (cardigan instead of vest). I love how heavy they are, perfect on a garment knit with bulky yarn. I also love the gear motif. A friend saw this picture on Facebook and asked if she could use it to illustrate the concept of a hub. Sure!


These are the buttons on my February Lady Sweater. They’re also from Button Emporium.


And these buttons are perfect on Hey, Teach, and they’re from…Button Emporium. I told you it’s my favorite button source!


But sometimes you just need quick and cute. These are on a February Baby sweater, and they’re from Twisted.

Cardigans aren’t always so quick to knit, so I don’t get a button fix all that often. What’s a knitter to do? What can you put on plain knitting to give it a little kick?


Yes. Ruffles.


I love them on this otherwise plain tank that I made last summer. This is Leigh Radford’s Ruffle Tank. Perfect.

I’m currently experimenting with ruffles on a couple current design projects. I hope they do what I want them to do. The first version ruffle had a mind of its own!


11 responses to “2KCBW: Playing the wild card

  1. I have to admit that I’m a little jealous of the yarny and crafty shopping options in your neck-a-the-woods. A store dedicated to buttons?!? I am hoping to visit Portland one day, so I’m sure one entire day will be dedicated to craft shop-hopping!

  2. Wow, I love that first button, so very me 😉 I’ve yet to get started on the joys of buttons, but my current project will need some… *looks forward to button shopping and no doubt buying far more than I need!*

  3. It looks adorable on you! Great photo! I too adore buttons 🙂

  4. Buttons and ruffles–what could be better? 🙂

  5. What a wonderful store that emporium must be!
    I love that ruffled tank. It’s beautiful!

  6. I LURVE Button Emporium…but the best ones is in the Bay Area, Britex and one in Marin or is it in East Bay (name escapes me at the moment!) My button stash is just as worst as that of the yarn and fiber. I should really learn from you, Michele 😀

    Ruffles and I have a love-hate relationship. For some things, I like. Others, not so much. It may be one of those that grows on me over time like the recent Red Velvet armwarmers I knitted for Twisted/Blue Moon Fiber…we’ll see.

  7. I’m so jealous that you have such a great button store near you.

  8. Great post! I had an idea spawned off of your idea, then spaced and went off in another direction. 😉

  9. I love that tank. I also love the room that picture is taken in!

  10. A whole store of buttons? My button stash would be even bigger than it is!

    I love the ruffles — but they are SO many stitches!

  11. I love all of those buttons, but especially the gear ones. Genius.