Big cup o’ fail

I’ve been knitting my current design project with Lorajean’s (Knitted Wit) beautiful Bling yarn, for what seems like weeks. Good thing I like it, because I get to use it again and again!


I first swatched with the storm cloud gray on the right, and figured out my stitch pattern. I left that on the needles, and started knitting my idea with the blue-gray. I knit for a long time, and on the needles, it seemed like all was well. I was basing the shape of this little shawl on a half-hex fichu, a shape I read about in an article by Jane Sowerby (author of the book Victorian Lace Today) in Knitter’s Magazine, Summer 2008. It’s basically 3 adjacent isosceles triangles, top points meeting at the center back neck. The shawl starts there and grows downwards, forming a half hexagon. The pictured shawls were all pretty long, which they’d have to be in order to have it be wide enough to wrap around oneself.

I know that there are triangular shawls that have increases at the beginning and end of both the right and wrong side rows, so I thought I’d try that to make a wider, shallower shawl. Sounds reasonable, right? I didn’t like my first edging attempt, so I decided to frog the 6 edging rows I had completed. When I took it off the needles, this is what I saw.


I blurred the stitch pattern because I just want you to see the shape. Hmmmm. If I’d wanted something akin to the collar of a maternity dress from the 1980’s, this would have sufficed. Square back, tie front. Ig. There was no way it was going to block into a satisfactory long-armed half hexagon.

This is what it looks like, now.


Yes, the one on the left. Again. I didn’t even take a new picture, because it’s back to square one. I’ve started another attempt with the same lace pattern and a different shape, this time in the storm cloud gray on the right. It reminds me of this:


The yarn is lovely to work with, but I would like to finish someday soon!

What else is going on? I had lunch on Friday at the Lantern Moon warehouse. They do a themed lunch about once a month. This month was a crab feast.


It was delicious, and I didn’t even break out in hives. (Thank you, Benadryl. It was worth your drug-induced afternoon nap.)


gift bags

I helped Sharon & Cathy stuff gift bags for the Yarn Market News Smart Business Conference, which is going on right now in Portland. Lantern Moon hosted the opening reception, and these gift bags were headed there. There was some seriously nice swag in them, including straight and circular needles, and these shawl pins, which I love.

Hope your knitting is cooperating with you, more than mine was with me. Here’s to second (and third) chances!

7 responses to “Big cup o’ fail

  1. Not related to the subject of this post, but I thought you might enjoy this little anecdote of mine–I was at one of my LYSes on Sunday, sitting right in front of the bag display. Someone was looking at the bags, so I diverted my attention to them (having a bit of a “thing” for bags, I try to avoid them for the benefit of my wallet), and was able to say “I love this Lantern Moon bag!” without seeing the tag or anything–I just knew that it was Lantern Moon. Yay me 🙂

  2. I can sooooo sympathize! I finally published the projects I’ve been working on for the past 6 months (in between everything else). I have knitted 4 different versions of the hat, tried out a software charting package that I hated, moved my entire existence from a PC to a Mac and struggled to get Word to maintain my formatting so I could create my Pdf’s. Re-knitting the project was the easy part. I’m ready to move on!

  3. Well, as DH says when that happens to me, you get to knit even more. But that never makes me feel better about frogging.

  4. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Cat Pin!!!!! MUST HAVE 😀 Do you have it in stock? I am going to be in Portland next week and love to get a couple.

    I am on similar boat as you…had to rip out half of a shawl, nearly finished medium-size vest, and almost had to completely re-knit a pair of socks. Thank goodness I was able to felt down the socks in STR MediumWeight otherwise fit a giant!! I must have knitted the vest 10 times. I unraveled and re-cast current project on 2.25mm needles 3 or 4 times! So glad I am close to finishing this week’s pile 😀

    Look forward to seeing your new design 😀

    Happy Spring!

  5. Design looks just so intensive and challenging. I’m sure you’re up to the challenge but I don’t envy you all the ripping and cursing!

    Oh crab. How I adore crab! Looks delicious!