Curiouser and curiouser

I’ve been knitting this. It would be an FO, if I wanted to use it as is. A scarf, perhaps?


It’s Star Athena’s April Fool socks, from her Socks for All Seasons Club. Crazy but cute. The pattern is written for several weights, and I knit mine in sport weight Monarch from Fly Designs. The color is called Sailing. I opted to do mine in ribbing rather than stockinette, but that’s just how I roll.

It starts at a toe, a toe up toe. I love Judy’s Magic Cast On; it makes a beautiful toe. That would be the one on the left.


The pattern is written with a short row heel, but I chose my standard flap and gusset heel instead. Did you know that you could use a flap and gusset heel on a toe up sock? It stands to reason; you’re just making an 90 degree turn, one way or the other. I did decide to put heel stitch both under and and at the back of the heels, so the two socks would look something like each other. Kind of.



And finished with a kitchener stitched toe. I don’t usually bother; my usual sock toe is to decrease to 8 stitches and run the yarn through. But this was a sock for experimenting (Star even said so), so I did it. Still not my favorite. (It’s the toe on the right.)


I did eventually choose to cut them apart. After all that knititng, I wanted to be able to wear them!



It’s rather unnerving, cutting one’s knitting. But not too scary. I think I’d like to try a vertical steek some day. But not right now; I need to finish these socks! Just pick up the stitches and bind off…


13 responses to “Curiouser and curiouser

  1. I hadn’t tried these yet, and now that I’ve seen yours I am anxious to get started!

  2. brilliant. I love the toe up, it just lays so much prettier in my opinion

    • It does look nicer. But I still prefer the ability to easily adjust the foot length with the cuff down sock. And I still detest kitchener. That last stitch looked stupid for a long time!

  3. What a great idea! I love it! May just have to give it a try now the weather’s turned colder and I’m in need of more socks.

  4. peacefulknitter

    That is curious! Looks like a fun experiment, though.

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  6. Very cool! I love that they are knit both in toe up and top down this way! 🙂

  7. It was interesting to try to get the flap and gusset heels to look like each other. You’ll notice that the gusset “striping” is horizontal on one, and vertical on the other.

    I still prefer the ability to easily adjust foot length on a cuff down sock. I’ve made a few toe up socks and found the foot to be too long, or too short. But you don’t know until after the heel! I was lucky with this one, because I had knit another pair of socks in the exact same yarn, so I could measure and know when to start my heel.

    Some day I’ll master the short row heel, but the flap heels fits me so well…

    Knit on!

  8. Phew…you got me hanging by the string!!! Great experiment in substituting stitch pattern and heel. For the type A that I am, the differences would still drive me crazy even though no one would see them unless I am shoeless. Oh well…great knitting and terrific blue, of course.

  9. Question. How would one cut between ribbing- that is, vertically? Would this work?

  10. Awesome! I love what you did with these socks. I was hoping it would be viewed as a technique to plug your own style into. Great job 🙂