OFFF, day 2

After a perfectly gorgeous Saturday at OFFF, Sunday dawned, rainy and cool. But this is Oregon, rain doesn’t stop us. And by afternoon, it was no longer raining, anyway. I went back out to Canby under gray skies. I met up with Cathy to give her a tutorial on adding beads to her knitting. She’s knitting my Pacific Shawl pattern. I discovered that she’s a lefty! But beading works fine left handed, too.


I stopped by the Gardiner Yarnworks booth to say hi to Chrissy, and found her fondling this cashmere/silk fiber blend.


It turns out that it’s not hers. It belongs to Sivia Harding. I was wearing my Stitchjones Constellation beaded yarn around my neck as a necklace, so Sivia decided that her fiber could be a tiara.


Carson was pleased to have a new fleece. It was sheared on the spot while he waited. How cool is that?


I love how crimpy it is. I forgot to ask what kind of sheep, sorry. I did ask if he knew the sheep’s name, but it only had a number.


I also ran into my friend Claudia. She had just bought some wool, and said I’d be shocked by the color. Not! It was green, and it matched her green handknit socks. I showed her my new blue wool, and my blue handknit socks. We are such creatures of habit.

I’m so glad I decided to go back out. It was way more fun than cleaning the house!

9 responses to “OFFF, day 2

  1. Well, yeah! Anything is more fun than cleaning the house AND you got to wear a wool-necklace. 😉

    I think a wool tiara must be pretty fun too.

  2. Got Gotland? That’s Carson’s breed. Lucky guy.

  3. Looks like fun. Seeing these pictures just makes me more anxious for Rhinebeck to get here!

  4. I’m glad you came out too! Such a great weekend. I’m totally thinking about sock summit too! I’m out dyeing today, I’ll see if I can find some yarn to dye up.

  5. Sounds like fun! SAFF is in three weeks and I can’t wait!!!

  6. Farmers don’t name farm animals for the most part. Makes it easier if they have to put down an unhealthy animal.

    Glad that you didn’t have to have a soggy second day!

  7. FUN TIMES!!!! Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed the pics.

  8. I thought it was so awesome everyone gathered around our booth! It was a great OFFF, even in the rain!

  9. Love seeing your full-blue ensemble from head to toe. We left just before noon but glad to get to browse in the parking lot for some mohair fleece.

    I have never seen let alone bought a freshly-shear fleece at a fiber show…one adds to my to-have list 😀