Pacific Shawl, redux

The second incarnation of my Pacific Shawl is blocked and ready to wear.

I love it! Here’s how much bigger it is than the first one.

It feels great on my shoulders; it’s a lightweight wisp of a thing. Just warm enough. I think I blocked it to be a little more open than the first one; you can see the difference here.

It’s funny how the smaller one is darker than the larger one; they’re two skeins of the same yarn.

I like them both. They’re same same, but different!

Pacific Shawl, pattern coming soon
One skein of Malabrigo Sock yarn, 100g/440 yards: larger shawl used nearly an entire skein
Size 6 Lantern Moon ebony needles (26 inch circular)
Size 6/0 Toho beads for edging

Time to write the pattern…

21 responses to “Pacific Shawl, redux

  1. Beautiful! It looks just perfect for a chilly summer evening, or A/C cranked up.

  2. It’s beautiful – I am really looking forward to the pattern!

  3. Nice work Michele! Turned out beautiful. I’m learning the lesson that if you stick with something you’ll be rewarded!

  4. It looks fabulous!!!! I actually like the look of one on top of the other – maybe that is why the top one looks darker???
    It is a gorgeous pattern…..too complex for lil ol’ me but someday……

  5. oh, and by the way – YOU look beautiful in the pic!!!

    I actually thought you had white flowers growing in front of you until I realized you were wearing them!!

  6. The magic of blocking…it is gorgeous. I love them both and the layer look actually is very appealing. Great finish!!!!!

  7. It looks great! I love how they’re the same but different. 🙂

  8. lovely

  9. What a beautiful pattern! The shawl is gorgeous!

  10. Beautiful! I love the lace edging…

  11. It is gorgeous and looks beautiful on you – a perfect color!

  12. Beautiful! Are those beads I see?

  13. Really gorgeous. Love the color!

  14. morewithles


  15. Gorgeous! Can’t wait for the pattern! Looks perfect for a cool evening.. Well done!

  16. Oh, the shawl is just stunning. I’m not saying that just because I love the color you chose. No, no, the pattern and your even work really showcase in the shawl. Wear it with pride!

  17. It also looks beautiful on me.

  18. Forgot to mention how fabulous your hair looks.

  19. Oh wow! That is gorgeous!!!

  20. That’s beautiful! Well done!

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