April fugit

April is flying away from me, but I finally managed to cast on Star Athena’s April Fool’s sock before the month evaporated entirely.


This is Fly Designs Monarch sport weight yarn; the color is called Sailing. I’ve used this yarn before, for my Seafoam Socks. I’m reminded how much I like knitting with it; it’s quite bouncy! The sock is cast on at the toe, worked up through the cuff with a waste yarn bit before continuing to the other cuff, down the leg, and to the second toe. I love the elegance of Judy’s Magic Cast On. So simple, so tidy, so perfect.


Rather than a plain vanilla stockinette sock, I’ve added ribbing because I like snugger fit of a ribbed sock. I add a baby cable twist every 6th row, so I can see my progress, and it makes it easier to count rows and see if the second sock is the same length. I’ve decided against the short row heel; I’m going to knit my standard flap and gusset heel. I like how it fits my foot, and I know how many rows this takes me on this many stitches, so I know how long the flap will be, which means I know how long to knit the foot before I start the heel! No surprises, please.

Do you think I’ll be done before these are gone?


6 responses to “April fugit

  1. Very clever indeed about adding the twisted cable every 6th row. The color is gorgeous. And the lilacs….I can smell the fragrant from here 😀 Beautiful blooms. And you will get those socks off the needle in no time, Michele…one stitch at a time 😀

  2. Cute socks! BEAUTIFUL lilacs! Man, I miss lilacs. They won’t grow here. 😦

  3. What a gorgeous yarn! I love the way its working with the pattern. So pretty!

  4. I love the colors in that yarn! Sooo pretty. I have yet to conquer toe-up. I must give it a try again!

  5. Great socks – so pretty! I love that cast on too…

  6. Such a pretty color blue! Although I have 2 yarns waiting to be knit up as socks, I haven’t felt motivated for some reason. However, I just ordered a book on 2-at-a-time TOE UP socks and I’m hoping I’ll get the bug when that arrives. 🙂