Auto-pilot knitting


I ripped back my mistake on the Heather Hoodie, and re-knit back up to where I was, and then some. I’m at 20 out of 22 inches on the back. This morning I woke up and remembered that I had planned to modify the pattern and bind off a bit at the armholes to make this a modifed drop shoulder instead of a full on drop shoulder. Oops. Guess I was knitting on auto-pilot. The Olympic men’s short track skating was so thrilling, I lost track of what I was doing!

twenty detail

So I’m looking for opinions here. I’m 5’2″, not a big person. The fabric of this is pretty dense, and I have about an inch to 1.5 inches of ease all around on this cardi. Do I rip back 6 inches so that I have 8 inches of armhole for a modified drop sleeve, better shoulder fit), or just carry on as written and have sleeves that start further down from my shoulder? It’s pretty quick knitting, big yarn and big needles, so I don’t mind doing it. I just have to decide if it will make enough difference to be worth it. Here’s a picture from the pattern, if that helps. I’m planning on long sleeves instead of this vest look.



For now this project is in time-out, awaiting your advice. But in the meantime, you can admire how the Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky looks like it has a vertical stripe. It’s because it a singles yarn, not plied. Instead of V’s, the left leg of each knit stitch looks like a half a V, and the right leg looks like a vertical line. I like it.


I’m back at work on my sister’s Quincy hat. It’s never-ending garter stitch for quite a while. Still garter stitching…

garter close

I really like the knit-in i-cord edging. So tidy!


Thanks to all who helped celebrate Marie’s birthday. The blog party was fun! I took the names of all of you who were interested in the dpn case and put them in a Pippi hat. And the winner is…

Katy over at What Katy Did! Katy, please email me your snail mail addy, and I will send you the needle case. Congratulations!

And happy lunar new year and Valentine’s Day to you all, too. Are you celebrating? Gung hay fat choy!

17 responses to “Auto-pilot knitting

  1. celebrated v-day with chocolates, flowers and cards. Celebrated the year of the Tiger yesterday with a little dragon dance and treats to bring health, wealth, prosperity, and good family vibes. Sweater, I think probably rip back so the sleeves fit right.

  2. I would rip back so the shoulders fit better. You will be disappointed if you leave it and don’t like the fit of the shoulders.

    I bought yarn from Butternut Woolens at Madrona for this yesterday. Guess what color. 😉 Purple of course.

  3. i guess i would take a look at your absolute favorite (best-fitting) sweater and if ripping back would make this sweater be more like it, then i’d do it, especially since — as you said — you don’t really mind doing it. the color you picked is so pretty. can’t wait to see the FO no matter what you do with the shoulders! 🙂

  4. I would rip back. It’s worth the better fit. And you’ll love the sweater that much more.

  5. Laurie Nelesen

    I suggest that you rip it back. You know that you will be happier in the end!!

  6. Another vote for ripping back.

    I have steaks that I just pulled and are resting. Twice baked potatoes, homemade buttermilk biscuits and blondie brownies in the oven.

    There’s also more Olympic watching and knitting scheduled for the rest of the evening.

    Happy Valentines and New Year!

  7. Just rip it – you’ll be happy you did. I’m about your size & think the modified drop shoulder would fit better. In the long run you’ll be happy.

    Happy Valentine’s Day & Happy New Year! Kids are at a sleep over party, so it’s nice, quiet dinner at home with the hubby while my knee recuperates.

  8. The sweater is looking great! I’m such a beginner in the fitting department when it comes to knitting that I’m sure you’ll receive better advice from others on the ripping back. But, was happy to see your explanation for the vertical stripe as it’s knitting up. I’m working on Talia right now with Lamb’s Pride Worsted, and noticed it’s doing the same thing. I wondered why, and now I know! Thanks to you.

  9. Another vote for ripping back – sounds like you’d be unhappy if you didn’t!

  10. You and I are the same height…and I vote for modified shoulder 😀 Beautiful color and great progress. And the distraction looks marvelous.

    Yesterday was a hard day…because I miss my mom and all that she usually does to keep our Chinese traditions! Besides, the food are awesome. Gung hay fat choy!

  11. Sounds to me like you already know what to do. Rip it and make it fit the way you’re hoping for.

  12. The sweater looks fantastic! I vote for ripping back, too. I am always happy when I do. In fact, I am lamenting the fact that I didn’t make the sleeve modifications that I thought I should make on my last sweater.

  13. Heather Hoodie is such a great design. I haven’t knit it yet, although I bought Eco Wool in natural with the intent to dye it just for that sweater. =) You chose a gorgeous color–I love how it’s knitting up!

  14. Fix the shoulders, for sure. When even the model looks a bit like she has linebacker shoulders, you probably want to avoid adding width there.

  15. It’s looking great, and I love the x/o cables in that color! I think I’d rip back — fit is such a big deal.

  16. I’d have to say rip it too. I think it would be fine if you were doing short sleeves but the extra weight of the sleeves will pull the seam further down your arm.

  17. Rip it back. I have small shoulders and I’m always unhappy with the fit. It will annoy you forever.