A whirlwind…

But there hasn’t been much knitting this last week!

Last Monday I participated in a service day for the Backpack Program. We packed 420 weekend lunch bags, which means 840 lunches. This program provides lunches for low-income children who are at risk for hunger. The program began in the fall of 2008, serving 10 children, and quickly grew to 30. It now serves 60 children, and the current goal is to serve 100 children for the entire school year. It’s a cooperative effort of four local United Methodist churches, and has grown to include community volunteers and school groups.


I love that people of all ages volunteer for this program.


The Day Old Pastries led some singing after the lunch packing. We’re a group of friends that like to play and sing together, 6 guitarists and a mandolin player. Occasionally a guitar gets swapped for an accordian! We were all acoustic that day (no amps, no mics), and it was folkie fun. I recorded it with my Zoom H2. (This little stereo digital recorder is fabulous; it’s easy to use and works well.)

Down by the Riverside

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

Wade in the Water

I’ll Fly Away

Blowin’ in the Wind

The week blew past, and DH celebrated a significant birthday. Happy birthday, Sweetie!


We had family in from out of town, and ended the weekend with dim sum before they headed back to the airport. Who got the last piece of shiu mai?


Back to knitting this week! Here’s a little yarn for this post:

Hat tip to the Twist Collective Blog.

15 responses to “A whirlwind…

  1. Fun times!!! What a great thing to be involved with. WTG woman

  2. That sounds like an amazing program to be apart of!

  3. Love the volunteer project! Great birthday party pics. And the yarn ball thingy–extreme!!

  4. That is so funny! It reminds me of my son’s tape ball, proudly sitting in his room. After his 8th grade graduation he told me he had a surprise…I thought it was a special award or something. No, he had made a ball out of masking tape that was one foot in diamter!

  5. Fantastic! Thank you for sharing the music with us, too.

  6. I love helping others, it just makes you feel good about yourself and what you’re doing. The children must feel loved and cared for knowing that others are reaching out – something as simple as food – draws people together.

  7. I’m loving the folky fun recording! I was just thinking, “Michele hasn’t recorded anything lately”.

  8. Fun post, a little bit of everything. Happy birthday to hubby!

  9. Looks like a busy, good life. Good job volunteering! 🙂

  10. What a nice thing to do! Looks like a fun way to spend time (and feel good about it, too).

  11. that’s a fantastic sounding program. There should be more like it!

  12. Love your recorded songs! They’re some of my old favorites. 🙂 Love the video too…gotta pass that on! Too cute!

  13. Happy Birthday to your Sweetie! My boys love dim sum as much as yours. They’d eat that over anything I think.

  14. Great volunteer program – and sounds like you’ve been having a busy, fun time!

  15. What a terrific way to spend the day…our program in Redmond has increased significantly just before Christmas and that number keep increasing by day! We have to come up with new ideas everyday in order to feed the hungers. Sad as it sounds, it’s been wonderful to see the community pulling together and cheering for each other. The singing was a great treat, Michelle…very talented bunch!

    One thing I really miss moving here from the Bay Area is GOOD dim sum…I can’t wait to back this summer and eat my heart out 😀