Happy Thanksgiving! Happy FO…

Happy Thanksgiving! We’re at the point in the day when the turkey is roasting (on the grill) and everyone is just hanging out. Must be time to blog…

I’m working on a set of cowls for a pattern for the auction knit party at Twisted. I finished one yesterday, and today was a picture perfect day. Too bad the other cowl isn’t with me; I guess it will have a photo shoot later.

broken garter

This is knit with Malabrigo Chunky, colorway Noviembre. Pattern coming as part of a set. The yarn is really fun to knit; it’s big and chunky like al dente pasta.


And pretty fun to wear!


The teen likes it, too.

We took a walk this afternoon and saw this persimmon tree.


And the neighborhood football game.


I looked up and saw this:


I don’t think I’ll be taking a nap outside. They’re circling…


Wishing you lots of turkey and pumpkin pie!

17 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving! Happy FO…

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! See you soon hopefully

  2. I *love* that football game photo! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I could have used a game of football today to get my arse off the couch. Looks like fun!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving!!! Love the cowl!

  5. Persimmons are good to eat! They’re just hanging there going to waste?

    Pretty cowl!

  6. Cute cowl! Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Love the cowl! Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

  8. I love the colors on that cowl! Sounds like a great day.

  9. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Love the cowl!

  10. we lit a fire, ate copious amounts of food, and played a game. was a perfect day indeed.

  11. Who would not LOVE a Malabrigo cowl, that yarn is just so yummy. I had a peaceful Thanksgiving, gave myself a well deserved manicure & pedicure. Had plenty of turkey today (people were loading me up with leftovers, I’m stuffed).

  12. Hope you’re having a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. The persimmon tree looks neat, I’ve never actually seen one before.

  13. Hope you’re whole Thanksgiving weekend was as great as this looks.

  14. Beautiful yarn colors! Wishing you safe travel home. We just arrived (with new baby in tow) and it is so good to be home!

  15. Happy belated Thanksgiving! I love the colors of the cowl.

  16. I’m sooo behind~~

    Happy Thanksgiving!! It looks like you had a blast!

    Beautiful cowl!!

  17. The cowl reminds me of Indian corn!