Blue skies and sunshine

This week has been gorgeous in PDX. The skies are blue, the temperatures moderate, and the leaves are starting to turn. Perfect autumn weather.


Birds are fattening up for the trek south (hazy because I shot through the window with my new 12x zoom Lumix). There are four birds in the first picture, but there were many more hanging around!


I hadn’t seen this one before; do you know what it is?


I was inspired by the autumn sky to buy this yarn.


It’s Malabrigo Sock Yarn; the color is Impressionist Sky. My original intent was to buy this yarn in a color called Indiecita because I fell in love with it at Sock Summit, but the color I saw in August (blue and brown) was very different from the one I saw yesterday (green). I was looking for blue to start a shawl, and this jumped up and said, “Pick me!”

sky goodies

I bought the yarn at a new store in town. It’s called Happy Knits and is at 1620 SE Hawthorne. They have a lot(!) of Malabrigo yarn, and also carry Karabella and some Cascade. The shop is sleek and spare, and has a huge common room in the back. Sarah threw in the Della Q bag as a thank you. Nice!

Portland is blessed to have a lot of yarn stores with an amazing variety of yarns. I’m lucky to be in such a fiber mecca!

With the change in weather, I have a hankering to start a sweater, too. Start-itis abounds. What are you dreaming of knitting?

19 responses to “Blue skies and sunshine

  1. Janice in Camas

    What a gorgeous blue! I’m just about to finish a pair of socks in Malabrigo Sock (ochre). Love that yarn!

  2. You have a female American Goldfinch there. Males have the dark head if you spot her mate. 😉

    Very tempting with the blue! I finally bought a copy of Ishbel and now its just a matter of fitting it in the knitting schedule with the right yarn. 😉

    We’re going to get a new yarn store in the Beaverton area next month. Still need to go look at Happy Knits. Maybe after Spinnerti tomorrow? Going to come with your turkish delight?

  3. Beautiful!! I’m dreaming of:

    1) Babies & Bears for Grown-up sweater
    2) Finishing my Feb. Lady Sweater
    3) Lots of Hats
    4) Lots of Mittens

    So little time…

  4. Another new store in Portland? Wow. Isn’t that kind of near Yarn Garden?

  5. OOOOH Malabrigo sock yarn, I have yet to find it, I’ll bet it’s totally gorgeous to knit with. Does it make for a lasting sock? I’m sure I’ll find some soon. I loved knitting with the worsted weight – so soft!!!!

  6. Gorgeous yarn. I recently knit up some Malabrigo sock and really enjoyed it. I’m definitely dreaming of knitting sweaters right now!

  7. I’ve only used the Malabrigo sock yarn once so far but it was beautiful. I’m dreaming of finishing my sweater for Rhinebeck next weekend. After ripping it out twice I’m finally getting something I like.

  8. Halfway Crafter

    I love the term start-itis. I would love to catch a bout of finish-itis though… my plan these holidays is to finish some things that have been hanging around for a while.
    If I were going to start something, it would be Ishbel.

  9. Lovely new yarn!!! Very autumn sky-ish!!

    Congrats on the new camera…12X zoom is tres cool!! 🙂

    Wow, new yarn stores to visit…and another one in Beaverton…will you keep us posted, please?!

  10. Very pretty yarn! Love the color – and how nice you have a new yarn store!

  11. Female goldfinch in summer plumage. Didn’t know they lived so far west.
    Must get Malabrigo— the fumes are wafting from your post—
    & ditto on startitis, I have a handspun long wavy scarf, a shetland shawl, baby hats, my husband’s navy cardigan, and the Sine-Cosine pullover on the needles. Guess I just need more needles.

  12. It’s so funny that you mentioned the Indiecita because I just put up a blog post about it this week. I love it but your blue is gorgeous too.

  13. I love when inspiration hits to knit something. You never know what or when something will spark your creativity!

    Malabrigo sock yarn is wonderful. I l0ve Happy Knits; I went last week but was on such a yarn high that I couldn’t decide what to buy. Now that I’ve had a chance to think it over, I’m going back for the Cascade. 🙂

  14. I’m so jealous about your lovely weather. Our whole world here is covered with several inches of snow. 😦 It does inspire one to knit, however, so there’s always an upside!

  15. Lovely shade of blue. I’m dreaming of buying some Malabrigo sock yarn and will be doing so when I come down to Portland for the first time in January.

  16. What a lovely color!

    It’s all spinning over here. No knitting dreams these days. ;^)

  17. oh that blue is amazing – sky AND yarn! And fat little birdies. I love it. I don’t think birds migrate here so it never occured to me that they’d have to fatten up for the trip but it seems so obvious!

  18. A *new* yarn store in this economy? That is awesome. We saw one close in SF this year. Although we still have several great ones, I don’t expect any new ones to pop up soon. That blue Malabrigo is beautiful!!!

  19. Love the goldfinch. I put out a new Nijer Thistle feeder this year and had them by the hundreds. They’re still here and I’m so glad about that.

    Love the Malabrigo, too.