OFFF report

Finally catching up with myself. I had a great, if brief, time at the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival last weekend. After helping Lorajean set up on Friday, I returned Saturday afternoon with three friends. The first thing we did was make a new little friend.


Last year I completely missed the animals; I never made it into the barn. I only experienced the Fiber part of the festival! This year I made it a priority to see the flock.

We saw goats. (At least I think they’re goats. I’m a city girl; what do I know?)



V loves goats. She has a business plan for our goat farm. DH makes a million dollars, and then he bankrolls our hobby farm. Perfect, no? I stipulated that we hire someone to shovel goat poop. Or she does it. Anyway…

We saw sheep. (I think.)


And alpacas. (I’m sure these are alpacas; note the helpful sign.)


alpaca chocolate

And bunnies. Definitely bunnies. What kind? Um, the bunny kind. Oh, there were chinchillas, too, but I don’t have a picture of them.


It’s not all animals in the barn. We also saw some cool knitted items, dyed fiber, and this exquisite little exhibit.


There was a lot of fiberlicious eye candy. Here’s Lorajean’s booth.



Karie (silverpurl) was there with her beautiful silver jewelry and stitch markers.


Roland from Laurel Hill had a small corner carved out for himself at the Carolina Homespun booth. They have some interesting new straight needles that are triangular in shape (you may have seen Kollage’s square ones before). I tried them, and they were easy to hold, but I remain a circular needle fan. Pretty woods, though.


And here’s my favorite set-up at the festival. This is the Bellwether Wool Company van (mini-bus?) from Philomath, OR. Note the cool awning for sheltered yarn shopping.

bellwether van

But even better is the inside of the van. Yes, you can shop inside, and it looks like this! (I’m shooting from front to back.) So cool.

bellwether van 2

And the PDX KnitBloggers and PDX Spinnerati were at OFFF, too.


More on that in the next post. Stash enhancement post is coming, too…

8 responses to “OFFF report

  1. Goats in the first pic, they have their tail up. Shetland sheep in the second. I’m pretty sure they’re shetland

  2. Look at the roving! Did you get any? What did you buy, you had to buy something!

  3. Awww, I love that photo of the alpaca! 😀 OFF was fun, I wish I could have spent more time there 🙂

  4. I fell in love with the Laural Hill dpns! Some day I will buy some. I love how they are made from wood that would otherwise be thrown out. I wasn’t too fond of the triangle ones though.

  5. Ah, I still want to see your new spindle! That Lorajean has some gorgeous yarns! I should have gotten some of her roving, huh? And I must say I am in LOVE with Laurel Hill crochet hooks! I purchased a set of DPN’s, too, and am surprised at how nice those are, as well. Just need to get used of how flexible they are. What a wonderful event OFFF looks to be!

  6. What Lorajean said, goats. Mohair goats. I got a picture of the black & white one. Cindy also got pictures of these groups.

    You can tell we all wandered the main walkway. 😉 Also being a city girl, I at least knew my sandals were not the wisest wear for walking in a barn, so knew to stay on the main walkway for fear of running into something ‘foul’. 😉

    The alpacas you got pictures of also took a walk through the main area late in the afternoon. I think Monica and Karen got to pet them.

  7. Sigh, six months until Maryland Sheep and Wool. Then I’ll get my fiber animal fix.

    Your alpacas are cute.