The magic of blocking

My friend Claudia knit a beautiful shawl. It’s Ene’s Scarf by Nancy Bush (rav link). She blocked it, but it was a bit small and didn’t wrap the way she wanted it to. I offered to block it more aggressively, since I have blocking wires and I’m not afraid to use them!

Pre-blocking, the shawl was 55″ x 29″. I didn’t take a picture; it was late at night when I was finally ready to attack it. I gave it a good soak with some Soak (love this stuff), and then blocked it out to 63″ x 33″. Wet wool is amazingly stretchy. I could have tried to make it even bigger, but it looks nice where it is now. I’m hoping the extra 8 inches across the top makes it wide enough to wrap the way she wants.

Here’s the shawl, now that it’s dry. I love how much airier it feels.


The lace is really pretty.

lace detail

And the edge is gorgeous!

edge detail

Nice work, Claudia!

Are you an intrepid blocker? It makes a world of difference!

20 responses to “The magic of blocking

  1. You are a generous friend. Good job!

  2. You did a great job with the blocking. The shawl is GORGEOUS!

  3. I’m borrowing Shelia’s blocking wires so I can block the snot out of a shawl I did as a gift. It’s the Simple Yet Effective one, and it seems smallish unblocked. I’ll take before and after pictures, because I haven’t measured yet either. 😉

    Great job to both you and Claudia!

  4. Beautiful shawl! Good job on the blocking…that edging is lovely!!

    I’m a shy blocker, too.

  5. Halfway Crafter

    Definately a scaredy-blocker.

  6. Very pretty – amazing what blocking does!

  7. gorgeous! I really have to have another go with blocking wires because I didn’t get the aggressive blocking experience I hoped for!

  8. That is GORGEOUS- she did a great job knitting it and you did a great job blocking it.

    I bought scarf style for this pattern, but as many times as I’ve tried it, it has never worked for me.

    When I finish my Daffodil, will you come block it? I’m kind of scared of breaking it!

  9. I like your blocking philosophy: stretch it to within an inch of its life! It’s always worked for me, and the results speak for themselves.

  10. So pretty (it’s a color I would think you’d have knit!). 🙂

  11. gorgeous, indeed! I am such a big fan of Nancy Bush. I used to live in Salt Lake City and had the good fortune of meeting her a couple of times at the knitting shop she used to own (sure wish I could have spent time with her and gotten to know more about her fiber wisdom and travels!). Her patterns are divine. I love what a difference proper blocking can make. It’s truly amazing!


  12. Such a pretty piece! It’s amazing what a good blocking can do…in fact sometimes I’m tempted to cast on for a new lace project simply because I want to block it!

  13. I’m knitting my first lace shawl now. Can I send it your way when it’s done? Your friend is super lucky to have you.

  14. Michele, that is spectacular!!!

  15. Love it! I swear a good blocking job can improve any project. Hardcore blocker here!

  16. You have blocking wires and you’re not afraid to use them, so funny! I’ve lost my fear of blocking, too. It’s truly amazing what can happen.

  17. What a lovely shawl – is your knick name queen of the blockers?