The winner, and the distracted…

Thank you all for sharing your “how I learned to knit” stories. I really enjoyed reading them. Now for the payback: the random number generator at has chosen the number 20, so the 20th commenter is the winner of the Cherry Mallow sock yarn. The 20th commenter is (drum roll please)…rustyfingers! Congratulations, Carol! PM me your snailmail addy, and I will pop the yarn in the mail.

Hmmm. What can I show you, to avoid showing you that I don’t have any knitting to show you? Oh, yes. Twisted‘s Single Skein Club offering for August. If you haven’t received yours yet, you must be even further behind than I am! Look away, if you must.

August’s Single Skein Club package is a seriously fun kit for either bottle cozies, can cozies, or coasters. Choose your own adventure! The patterns are by Michelle Molis, of Japanese Vines fame, and the yarn is the ever popular color wonder, Noro Kureyon. This skein is shades of green, blue, purple, and brown. There were other colors available, but this one is pretty much me, all over again.

aug ssc pkg

Of course, I haven’t even cast on, since this kit came just before Sock Summit. But let me show you how far I’ve gotten on June’s project.

aug update

Oops. Look at that pattern. It says it’s April’s project! I think it’s a typo, but that doesn’t change the answer : not far. This will be the the Seedling Sampler Scarf. It’s my first beaded knitting. The cast on went well! The rest? Well, I’ll get to it, some day.

April’s project was a toe-up sock by Chrissy Gardiner, but I was pretty toe-up averse before Sock Summit, so that one hasn’t been cast on yet, either. Perhaps I’m not cut out for the pressure of being in a club with timed offerings! Yikes.

There are so many beautiful patterns and yarns to knit, and I just can’t knit them all. I’m still working on the stealth Noro/Mini Mochi project (no final verdict on which yarn is the winner of that contest), my blue ruffle tank, and, a Coriolis sock that I started after taking Cat Bordhi’s Dancing with Socks class at Sock Summit. More on that in another post, though; it’s too dark to take a decent picture tonight.

Knit on!

8 responses to “The winner, and the distracted…

  1. Whew! Missed the pink possibility. šŸ˜‰ Trtlgrl would have died laughing if I’d won it.

    Now I’m not feeling so bad about my lack of progress on some projects. I really, really want to start new ones, but am trying to be disciplined and finish the WIPs.

    Good luck with your WIPs!

  2. The club looks like so much fun but I don’t know if I could take the pressure. It is a really nice way to test out yarn though, I should think about it.

  3. The orange yarn will make a gorgeous scarf. I must admit I just can’t do projects with a time limit – too stressful for me. I love your creativity with your knits, it’s so much fun to see what you will post next.

  4. That club looks like a lot of fun – and I would be totally behind with it too!

    Love the scarf – its going to be really pretty!

  5. Halfway Crafter

    As an Aussie, I’ve never actually seen a skein of Noro in person, but I’m curious, I hear so much about it in blogland!

    I love the idea of knitting with beads too… when I get more proficient I must learn how to do that one day!

  6. Ah, such nice distractions…

  7. Thank you thank you for the yarn. I’m looking forward to it!

  8. It came today! Yay! Now to decide what to use it for…this is my first good yarn. No pressure… Thanks again Michele.