Sock Summit Sunday

This is a short post, because I’m exhausted! I’ll have more tomorrow, when I’m awake and can take pictures of all the cool things that followed me home. But for now, a Sunday recap.

I invited my friend Joanne to come to the market this morning. She was about to pay the $2 entrance fee when I noticed that there were luminary panel tickets available. She decided to buy one, which meant she’d be a student, which meant she wouldn’t pay the market fee. And then the staffer told us that someone had donated their tickets because they couldn’t come, so they gave one to Joanne. Winner!

We did a quick tour, and then settled in to shop. Here’s the yarn play pen at Woolstock.

play pen

While we were ogling the Malabrigo Sock yarn at Webs, someone stopped to admire my shawl. It was Amy Detjen! She remembered meeting me at a Stitches West or two, way back. I think she liked the shawl because it matches her hair!


I made a couple purchases (you’ll see them in tomorrow’s post), and so did Joanne. Then it was off to lunch and the luminary panel. Cat Bordhi, Nancy Bush, Priscilla Gibson-Roberts, Judith MacKenzie-McCuin, Lucy Neatby, Deborah Robson, Meg Swansen, Barbara Walker, and Anna Zilboorg, all in one place. As I type this list, I realize that I’ve had classes with four of the nine: Priscilla, Meg, and Anna at Stitches long ago, and Cat this weekend. I’m pretty lucky!


It was flabbergasting to learn that Barbara Walker invented the SSK. Before that, the left-leaning decrease was skp (slip 1, knit 1, psso). That’s elemental. And listening to the panel discussion, I was struck again by Anna’s graceful spirit.

The day ended with cake to celebrate Elizabeth Zimmermann’s 99th birthday. All the panelists were asked what was the biggest influence EZ had on their knitting. Meg was last, and she simply said, “You are in charge of your knitting.” I remember reading that as “You are the boss of your knitting,” but either way, that’s EZ’s biggest influence on my knitting, too. I say it all the time when I’m teaching. Thank you, Elizabeth.

What a great weekend! On the way out, I ran into Barbara Walker. I admired her sweater, and thanked her for coming. She thanked me for coming, too.


19 responses to “Sock Summit Sunday

  1. good grief. I am just so amazed to read your report. Thank you!

  2. How fun! Thanks so much for diligently posting and sharing your experiences. I almost felt as if I were there with you. Almost.

  3. What an amazing weekend! Thanks for sharing your adventures. Now, about those purchases?

  4. This may seem silly but I actually have tears in my eyes. I am so grateful to all these amazing women for taking such a simple craft to another level. Thank you. Without knitting, without my yarn and needles I’d be lost. A bit dramatic but true. And even though I wasn’t there (at SS) in body I was in spirit and I’m so happy this “event of events” was even possible.

  5. Thanks for the post and the wonderful pictures. I can imagine how wonderful it was. Now post lots of pictures.

  6. Wow. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful weekend with us, day by day. I almost felt like I was there…almost!

  7. you didn’t tell the full story! it’s a sweet pic with Barbara though

  8. Eeeee picture with Barbara Walker!

    Maybe it’s best I didn’t go. I would have embarassed myself with fan girl squealing 😉

  9. Beautiful post, but I have one question. Did you dive into the playpen of yarn?

    • No diving (didn’t want to start a riot). But that was the place where I stood with a bag of Noro Silk Garden in my hand, contemplating the Lady Eleanor entrelac stole. And didn’t buy it. The fabric wasn’t very soft on the scarf sample. So I never went back to see if it was still there!

  10. Wow – it sounds like an amazing day!

  11. Great pictures—I am in AWE!!!! So glad you had tons of fun. And the bins of yarn had me drooling…..

  12. I finally got to the marketplace. I bought some 75% superwash wool/25% nylon from Wolf Creek Wools. The color is what I keep trying to find – the seafoam green/blue that I thought I had found at Abundant Yarns, but didn’t. The color is On the Green 2.
    Their website is:

    I may need to make it into another Ene’s scarf.

  13. OMG – I’m so glad I didn’t go. I would have gotten lost in the wool play pen and never found my way out. 😀

  14. I will say it again: O.M.G.!!!!!!!

  15. Wow! That is all just so cool. And thank you for the picture of Barbara Walker aka Our Hero.

  16. What a great picture of you and Barbara Walker! The luminary Panel was fabulous!!! Made me proud to be a knitter!

  17. Wow! You got to meet Barbara Walker. I admire her so much.