Sock Summit Friday

I didn’t have classes today, so I arrived at the market at about 11 a.m. I cruised through the market, looking for the elusive perfect shawl pin. I almost bought a nickel/silver one in the shape of a treble clef, but eventually found an ebony spiral pin that I liked better. It has two points on it, and I thought it felt more secure than the pins with just one point. Even if I haven’t played the piano in months, I still like my ebony! I bought it from this young man at purrfectly catchy designs. You can see it in his hand.

shawl pin

This woman won an awesome door prize today: UK Knit Camp in Scotland next year. She has to pay her own airfare, but I think it’s worth it! I’m so jealous.

brit camp

I met Jo from BritishYarn yesterday; she was quite jet-lagged but happily knitting away on a pi feather and fan shawl.


Today was Guinness World Record Day. The previous record of simultaneous knitters was set in June of this year by 256 Australian knitters. We had over 900. Sorry, guys.


The rules required that we use two (how many? two!) straight needles for this endeavor. No circulars, no sock heels on dpns. Two Straight Needles. Luckily, I had these Lantern Moon blondwood needles at home. Knitting had to be cast on before we entered the ball room.


Why yes, that’s my new Sock Summit tote! And my never-to-be-completed dishcloth, just before we started in earnest.

straights bag

I can’t show you any pictures from the 15 minutes we were knitting. One must not jeopardize the record by putting down the needles to pick up a camera! The Oregonian newspaper had a video on their blog, though. I saw myself; that was pretty amusing.

After the Guinness event, I worked in the Knitted Wit booth. Some friends dropped by. Here’s Heather in her Central Park Hoodie.


And here are the Michelles, whom I met last year at Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival. We’ve been known to congregate over at Twisted, which seems to be a Michelle/Michele magnet. Michelle in the middle taught me Judy’s Magic Cast On last year; I just re-learned it so I’ll be ready for class tomorrow.


I made a couple forays out of the booth to check out market happenings. There was a needle-felting demonstration today.


This gentleman (Brian?) at the Skacel booth is knitting 7 pairs of socks (14 individual socks!) on a 120 inch needle. He says he doesn’t get tangles. You can read more about his multi-sock knitting adventure on the Skacel blog. I was impressed by his organizational skills!

14 socks

Angora Valley Fibers is going to demonstrate knitting socks on a sock knitting machine on Sunday. We had a little preview, because they’re across the aisle from Knitted Wit.

sock machine

Remember that I’ve said that I don’t stash? Somehow I found myself with a bag of Noro Silk Garden in my hand after I saw a beautiful Lady Eleanor stole walk by. The colors in the bag of yarn were exquisite. Can you guess what happened next?

After thinking about it for a while, I put the bag back in the bin. I don’t really need a new project. The yarn isn’t especially soft (but it is eye-poppingly gorgeous). I’ll go back in the next day or two and see if it’s still there. If it is, it’s meant to be mine. If not, I didn’t really need it. I’m leaving it up to fate! But I did buy a new pair of Dansko clogs, to replace my ancient ones. I bought them from Shannon. I met Shannon last year at Lorajean’s baby shower! Small world. And look: she knitted her dress, and it’s awesome!


Okay, time to sleep. I have an all day class with Cat Bordhi tomorrow…

14 responses to “Sock Summit Friday

  1. Thanks for the report.

    I love my Lady Eleanor, loved knitting it, get lots of compliments. HOWEVER, I used Plymouth Boku instead of Noro. It was significantly softer, significantly cheaper. Something to consider.

  2. wow, such self control!!! You put the noro back!!

    And yeah, you totally killed our efforts by 700 or so!

  3. How fun and how cool that you’ll all be in the Guiness Book of Records! I love that Sock Summit tote.

  4. rest up! big day ahead!

  5. I saw you! At the end!

    Sock Summit sounds like a blast. =)

  6. Rest, my friend rest…I’m sure Ms. Bordhi will keep you on your toes (in really warm socks) tomorrow.

  7. Wow, that looks pretty amazing. Congrats on being part of the record-breaking crowd of knitters!

  8. THAT IS AMAZING!!! I feel like I’m going to Sock Summit vicariously through you. Congrats on being part of breaking a world record! 🙂

  9. Oh you’re having so much fun and I’m having fun watching you.

  10. oohhh, i have GOT to hear about the cat bordhi class!

  11. autumnbriars

    Ha! I thought I spotted you towards the end of the Guinness video, but I wasn’t sure. =) Glad to hear you’re having a great time!

  12. Hi Linda, this was great thanks for sending it to me. Love ya Danni

  13. Hello from England! I think that’s one of the nicest photos I’ve seen of myself from Sock Summit! So lovely to have a read through your blog.

    Take care,

  14. I got new Danskos too! My first pair! The red ones on top!!