Travelogue: Hoi An

The next day in Vietnam, we were off to Hoi An for two days. It’s a short hop on Vietnam Airlines to Danang, and then a 40 minute cab ride to Hoi An. Hoi An is HOT! And lovely. This town was Vietnam’s most important trading post from the 16th to the 18th centuries. There are a lot of interesting buildings here in the old historic quarter; you can see the Chinese and Japanese influence. The city was protected from destruction by both sides during the American War.

Here’s the entrance to the Cantonese Assembly Hall (my people!)


The Gate at the Hall


Cantonese Assembly Hall


Japanese Bridge


I’m not sure what this building is; we just stumbled upon it


Lantern Shop in Old Quarter


Besides the historic atmosphere, Hoi An is known for its tailor shops. You can have suits made in a day here. They can copy things you bring, or you can figure it out from samples or catalogs. DH and both boys had suits made for $55 US. DH’s suit looks just like the ones he buys here. The Teen didn’t really need a suit, but we agreed that he needed this:


I had a cheongsam (Chinese dress) made for $28. I could never buy one off the rack because they never fit correctly. This one does, perfectly. (sorry, no picture; I was so hot and sticky that I couldn’t think to take one)

It was here in Hoi An that I had to buy flip-flops; my Keen sandals and Dansko slides were too hot.


Heat does funny things to you. First I became a fan of the fan, then a fan of the flip-flop. The next day I’d become a fan of the conical hat, because the hat I brought with me was also too HOT.

What else does one do in Hoi An? Cooking class! But that’s another post…

7 responses to “Travelogue: Hoi An

  1. I’m enjoying your travel posts, and look forward to seeing the rest.

  2. wow you guys were busy! I love the teens suit.

  3. Such an amazing place, I love seeing all this. And the suit is amazing.

  4. Stylin’ suit! Looks like the teen enjoys traveling to the Far East, too. What great experience!

    Your photographs are beautiful!

  5. Fun! I agree – Keens + hot weather = hot, sweaty feet; yucko! Love the flip flops – super cute. Sounds like a great trip – can’t wait to read more.

  6. Write more! Post more pictures! Can’t wait for the next installment. Take a picture of you in your cheongsam. That $55 suit was incredible. With such bargain prices, almost makes me want to go there.

  7. I agree – write more, post more! I’m so jealous. I’d like to go (go back) someday!