Voilà Ishbel, encore

blue ishbel point

The blue laceweight Ishbel is done, finally. She took a little trip to Vietnam, had some good knitting on the plane over, and then completely languished during her time there. I was too tired in the evenings to knit, because I was waking up at 4:30 every morning due to the time change. I did a little knitting in Tokyo, but couldn’t knit Ishbel on the way home. I had a little scare with my circular brass needles with airport security in Vietnam, and didn’t want to risk having to take Ishbel off the needles on the way home from Tokyo. I finished here at home.

blue ishbel

Unblocked, the shawl measured 46″ x 17″

unblocked blue

This is the lace pattern that I was never able to memorize, even after finishing two Ishbels.

macro lace

Blocked, the shawl measures 56″ x 22.5″

blocking blue

So the sheep says.


Ishbel, pattern by Ysolda Teague
Claudia Hand Painted Yarns Silk Lace, color Deep Blue
Addi Lace needles, US size 5
Weight: 32 grams

Mods: I made the larger stockinette center, and the smaller border.

This shawl is beautiful. It’s extremely lightweight and ethereal. It is destined to be a gift. There’s more than enough yarn left (46 grams) to make one more, or I may play with some ideas from Evelyn Clark’s book, Knitting Lace Triangles. But not any time soon. Sock Summit is coming, and I have homework!

BTW, I did make Blueberry Boy Bait the other night, after buying more butter. (It takes a cup/half pound!) And it was delicious. The boys of the house were quite taken with it, and so was I. The only problem was that it was bigger than my largest platter, so the ends fell off. We ate them right away, warm, so it wouldn’t look bad. Altruistic, aren’t we? 😉

18 responses to “Voilà Ishbel, encore

  1. It looks gorgeous! Ishbel looks great in blue. 🙂

  2. Pretty! Lovely work. Also, those blueberries look delicious.

  3. Ishbel is lovely.

  4. I had to look at the chart for every single row of the pattern too. I don’t think it’s memorizable!

  5. What a gorgeous shawl – just beautiful!

  6. Gorgeous! Also congratulations on finishing a project smaller than sport weight. 😉 Lace weight even!

  7. You finished it! It looks great!! =D

    Yay, skinny yarn (You’ll be converted soon enough ;-])!

  8. Just beautiful.

  9. I never memorized that chart, it’s impossible. But it wasn’t too hard even so. Yours is beautiful, how can you give it away?

  10. Sounds heavenly – the sacrifices you make having to consume part of it warm – poor thing. The shawl is so pretty!

  11. So beautiful – wonderful job. Congratulations!

  12. That is absolutely gorgeous. I love it!

  13. oh why can’t I get my head around Ishbel?! I’ve watched you make two now and they’re both gorgeous. Giving this one away is truly amazing.

  14. Beautiful!

    Isn’t it funny that some patterns are so memorizable and others just aren’t? I wonder if what you find memorizable I don’t, and vice versa?

    The Blueberry Boy Bait looks awesome! Our BB bush is laden with fruit now…I think I know their destiny!! 🙂 Thanks!

  15. Beautiful Ishbel! Our knitting universes must have been aligned as I finished mine as well. I couldn’t memorize the charts either, crazy. Blueberry boy bait is on my list of ‘to-do’s today – made sure I had enough butter. :0)

  16. This turned out so lovely! I really like how it looks in laceweight…perhaps I’ll have to try that!

  17. These are beautiful!

  18. Your blue Ishbel is gorgeous!