Travel knitting

I’m going away for a weekend with the Piano Babes. Too bad I haven’t played the piano very much this year. Oops. Knitting and blogging have taken up a lot of my leisure time! But I’ll try to resurrect the three Granados Waltzes from Valses Poeticos that I played this year. Wish me luck.

I’m trying to decide what knitting to take for the plane. I think my socks on dpns (poor languishing Kai-Mei) would be a bad choice because it’s so easy to drop a needle. Circular needles are great for plane knitting, because you can’t drop one! That means I should take the Ruffle Tank. Or my new Ishbel. Or both.

addi ishbel

New Ishbel? Yes! I was feeling sorry about not using that glorious blue Claudia Handpaint Silk Lace. It was a bit spendy, and I was feeling guilty. I bought some Addi Lace needles, and it has made all the difference. I also went down a needle size to a US 5. The silk glides along on the metal needles, and I’m a happy camper.

addi points

This doesn’t meant that I don’t love my Lantern Moon Ebony needles. They’re still my favorite. And they’re working great on the Ruffle Tank! I finished the back, and have cast on for the front. This is a great knit, just enough pattern to it that I’m engaged, but simple enough to knit while watching old episodes of Firefly. Mmmm, Firefly. I’m going to be sad when the 14 episodes are done!

Have a great weekend! What’s on your needles?

9 responses to “Travel knitting

  1. Have fun on your trip! I’m sure the piano playing will come right back to you once you start. 🙂

    And your new Ishbel will be gorgeous, I think. Such a pretty blue!

  2. That blue is stunning! I’m sure it’ll make a beautiful Ishbel. I’m not happy with anything OTN. A lot of old UFOs and the second in a pair of socks – I wish they were done so I could in good conscience cast on a new pair. Then my own design that I’m kind of stuck on. What to do?

  3. Have a fun weekend! I hadn’t thought about dropping DPNs on a plane … just visualizing crawling around under the seats to look for one and the odd stares from nearby passengers. I was thinking it’d be easier to carry DPNs in a pencil case (with pens) which might make them less noticeable. But I do love using circs and that seems more practical for taking onto a plane … but then I can’t help wondering if others will see them and worry about being garroted. (Yes, I know knitting needles are permitted, but you never know if the security guy you get thinks differently)

    I love Firefly (haha, could you tell from the naming scheme I use for my cable scarf patterns?). Do know about the DVD easter egg?

  4. I really want to cast on those little baby socks!

  5. Sometimes you just have to give in and use metal. I bought some yarn for my Ishbel but she has to wait until I finish Glynis.

  6. morewithles

    That blue is gorgeous!

  7. Travel + knitting = Good times, indeed. 😉

    I’ve always been loyal to Addi metal circs and I love the lace circs. But I am intrigued by your mention of Lantern Moon Ebonys… they certainly look very pretty.

    I’m still loving your Ishbel. That color is awesome.

  8. a new ishbel? And I have not even finished my first! Sigh. But you’re right, the blue is too, too nice not to use.

  9. Have a great time!