Life is too short…

to knit with yarn that you don’t like.

The last time I touched this Baby Bolero was when I took this photograph.


The thought of knitting more with this yarn just didn’t excite me. It was hard on my hands, and hard to control the gauge because the yarn doesn’t slip along itself. Look at the wonky stitches on the sleeve. So I bought new yarn.

bo bleu

I started this on the weekend, and it’s flying along. The yarn, Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton, is a joy to work with. It’s soft and “buttery.” I love it! I still have a slight issue with a column of loose stitches between dpns (hey, it’s cotton, and not resilient and forgiving like wool), but I’m dealing with that by moving the gaps every round. I just knit a couple stitches more or fewer on each needle. The stitch definition is great.

motif bleu

Here’s the same motif in the Mission Falls 1824 Cotton. You can see the structure of the yarn is different.


The 1824 is a cotton center with a thin thread wrapped around it. The Pure Cotton is two plies of equal size, twisted around each other. It’s a lot softer than the 1824. I think I’ll swatch for Angela Hahn’s Sorelle with the Pure Cotton; I’ve been wanting to knit that but haven’t found the right yarn for it. Do I need a blend? Angela used a cotton blend, and also recommended some wool/silk blends. What do you think?


In other news, I went to the other side of the mountains this weekend. Mount Hood looks backwards from over there!


I was at Kahneeta with a friend and her mom, hanging out for Mother’s Day. It’s warm and dry on the eastern side of the Cascades.



Lots of lizards hanging out there, too!



I arrived home at 3 on Sunday. The Teen made soba for Mother’s Day dinner, and it was delicious. I hope you had a great weekend, too.

12 responses to “Life is too short…

  1. I really like the new bolero – what a difference the yarn makes! Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

  2. Your photo of the mountain is awesome! I’m glad you had a good mother’s day celebration!

    Agreed, life is too short. New yarn was a good decision! I love that little rose bud motif!

  3. great pics! can you make it thurs?

  4. I like the new bolero, too. Glad to hear you had a good Mother’s Day – nice up here too. We’ve had lots of glorious sun & warm temps. Hard to get any knitting done!

  5. What a difference that makes. The DB looks so much better than the MF. Beautiful photos. Glad you had a nice Mother’s Day. (Can’t wait till my little one is old enough to make ME dinner!)

  6. I total agree. Love it or don’t knit it.

    Looks like a fun weekend!

  7. brookrademacher

    it’s one of the worst things to do, to knit with yarn we don’t like…..

  8. The DB is very pretty! I bought a whole bunch of cotton yarn thinking that I some great projects in mind but as soon as I knitted one project, it hurt my fingers so badly and now I’m stuck with a bunch of this bleh yarn.

  9. Thanks for posting that, it’s very informative actually seeing the reason someone doesn’t like a yarn for a particular pattern. Sometimes it’s just better to frog than be unhappy because life is just too short.

  10. So pretty! Both the yarn and the scenery! Glad you changed yarns, and so glad you had a great weekend!

  11. Totally agree with you on life being too short to knit with yarn you don’t like. I’d further that to say that it is too short to finish projects that really don’t excite you…frog ’em and move on! 🙂

    Great pictures…looks like a lovely area! Some day I’ll get to that part of the country!

  12. Gorgeous photography! Thanks for sharing!…and you are right…knitting with yarn you don’t like…definitely no time in life for that!
    Cheers Trish exclusive dyer of Indigo Moon Yarns