Ishbel update

I just finished Ishbel‘s stockinette stitch center. There are 221 stitches on the needle.


Not much to look at, is it? The vine lace edge and the blocking had better make this thing sing!

macro ish

Speaking of singing, I just signed up for this term’s community choir. First meeting was Monday. It’s nice to be back.

12 responses to “Ishbel update

  1. I am just about to finish that section too and am thinking the same thing. Mine’s very, very orindary so far!

  2. Lace is always disappointing until it’s blocked I think. That’s when the magic happens. I was in choirs in HS, so much fun, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one.

  3. Hello! I just bought Ysolda’s book today.Wow, looks like your Ishbel is going to be very pretty! Love the yarn you chose.


  4. What a gorgeous colour. Yes, the lace does make a big difference to the whole thing and even more so when it’s blocked. I blocked mine two days ago. It took only a few days to do.

    I bought the downloadable book the other day. I like her patterns and have done two Liesls.

  5. Sorry, I meant to say, enjoy your choir. I’ve sung in choirs and groups all my life and love it. However, I now wear hearing aids which affect the way I hear the parts around me. I now sing sharp. I know I do but can’t help it. So now I just listen to music instead of making it.

    DIL is jealous because when I listen to choral stuff, I not only hear the music as a whole but can hear the parts which make up the whole. That comes from years of choral singing. She’s just started singing lessons, purely for her own enjoyment.

  6. It will. =)

  7. I keep seeing more Ishbels over bloggy-land, and every one I see looks adorable. Definitely one I want to make too!

  8. berlinbetty

    It’s looking beautiful! You inspired me to start Ishbel. But I’m using Malabrigo. I have some skeins that are barely spun, there’s hardly any twist at all. It’s making for a very soft fabric.

  9. You’re just getting to the fun part. hang in there!

  10. Congrats on getting through the stockinette part – that couldn’t have been much fun!

  11. Lace always looks like wet cabbage until it is blocked. Makes it hard to keep going when you can’t see how beautiful it will be until you finish and block.

    I made a baby blanket (2 of them actually) that had 220 sts on the needle. I remember it taking me 20 minutes to finish the lace pattern row.

  12. I’ll talk about choir. No worries, I won’t try to accompany your vocalizations on guitar anytime soon. Our grade school choir sang in the state’s when I was in second grade, at the infamous Chautauqua Institution. We sang panis angelicus. Years later my father led that institution and rebuilt its crumbling physical and programmatic infrastructure. Dee