At last…

I finally seamed Hey, Teach. The knitting has been done since February 8 at Crafty Mom Weekend. The pieces have been languishing in a bag. But yesterday I realized that I needed something red-ish to wear to tonight’s Loop & Hoop event at the Blazer game, and that was finally the impetus forgetting this done.

free at last

This was not my best seaming effort; I just wanted it to be done. I started last night at around 11:30 p.m. and finished around 2 a.m. Yes, I’m a night owl. I backstitched the sleeves into the armholes because the last time I tried to seam them from the right side, it didn’t look good at all. I mattress stitched the side seams. This morning I wove in all the ends, and sewed on the buttons.


Hmmm, the sweater is a purplish red, or reddish purple, somewhere between the first and second pictures. I bought these beautiful buttons at the Button Emporium. They’ve moved recently, and their new shop is lovely.


I tightened up the buttonholes by stitching around them, because they were pretty loosey goosey. The only mod I made to the pattern was to shorten all the ribbing from 6 rows to 4 (I think). The actual knitting was between mid-November and Thanksgiving, and then one day in February. I kind of lost interest at Thanksgiving with the decreasing in the lace pattern, and then just slogged to finish last month and last night. I like this sweater, but I don’t love it. I think I’d like it better if it were an inch longer, but there’s no way I’m going back! I also find the neckline to be a bit saggy, and should have used a smaller needle for the edgings, even if they weren’t called for.

But it’s done, and I can check it off my short list of WiPs!

Oh, the Loop & Hoop? Very fun. More on that soon, after I photograph the swag from my goodie bag!

23 responses to “At last…

  1. I love this sweater. The color is gorgeous and the buttons match perfectly! You’re brave for knitting at night. A high percentage of my mistakes happen after 9pm so now I put down the sticks around then.

  2. I think it looks great! I love the buttons. =)

    You might find that you’ll gain some length naturally though. You never know!

  3. Hooray for finished objects! Those buttons are a perfect match, and it’s a cute sweater overall.

  4. I hate the seaming, too and things have languished at my house for a long time. But the sweater looks so nice and I love the buttons.

  5. My kind of gal….. a Nighter! I was knitting lace last night at 1am.

    I understand all the little things that might have annoyed you with the sweater and thank you! for listing them (so I don’t have to have the same probs), but it looks really good on you….and the loose neck..wear a camisole! and make someone sweat. haha

  6. It looks great! I just love those buttons.

  7. Time for an FO party!Nothing feels better then finishing those projects that have been sitting around forever. I’m finishing my 8 month Urban Aran today.

    Love that color on you!

  8. Very pretty and love the buttons!

    I was reading last night someone’s problems with this pattern in the XS (not the size I intend to make) and that the designer made the first one in S and then ‘did the math’ and the lace pattern doesn’t really translate well into partials.

    Did you find this an issue at all?

  9. I love the buttons!

    Yes, the sweater is lovely, too, but it’s the buttons for me. I agree with the TurtleGirl. It may get a bit longer with wear.

  10. It looks great on you! Your inspiring me to finish my baby sweater – I started it in December and only have 10% to go.

  11. I love this sweater! Beautiful job!

  12. I was sitting down the row from you last night at the Blazer game. I was sitting next to your son. My daughter and I had a blast. Go Blazers! I thought the sweater was lovely in person. Wish there would have been more knitters there.

  13. Oh, I love it – great color on you!

  14. You and the sweater look great

  15. gettingpurlywithit

    Lovely! Congrats with your beautiful finished cardi!

  16. I love that cardi. I think you did a lovely job and the buttons are beautiful.

  17. Gorgeous! I love the color. I’ve been meaning to knit another Hey, Teach. Thanks for the reminder!

  18. Your Hey Teach! looks great! I love the color. (It’s showing up more purple than red on my monitor.) I hear you about the decreases in the lace…argh…that was such a pain and I kept goofing it up. I always have that problem when I have to decrease within lace. Anyway, enjoy wearing your new FO! 🙂

  19. You always find such pretty buttons.

  20. Great sweater! It looks beautiful on you – congrats for getting it done.

  21. autumnbriars

    Super cute sweater! The color is great on you!

  22. The sweater is such a nice color red, it looks like it will be cool enough to wear for summer as well. Nice job and beautiful buttons.

  23. Its absolutely gorgeous!! So glad you finished it! Great job!