A long time coming…Seafoam Socks Pattern

I just can’t stop knitting this pattern. It makes me really happy! The pattern is so logical, so easily memorized, so easy to track. I had to make another…


The Fly Designs Monarch sport on top is my favorite yarn so far. The colors are even more vibrant than in the picture. The yarn is really springy and fun to knit with.

The pattern has been written for a while, but I wasn’t happy with my pictures! Pictures that looked good on the screen didn’t look good coming out of the printer. It’s been a frustrating couple days, but I think I have what I want now.

The pattern is available as a pdf download through Ravelry. See the pattern page for more information.

13 responses to “A long time coming…Seafoam Socks Pattern

  1. love it, love it love it.

    How many row repeat? Do I have to use a row counter? These are VERY important questions in my world! LOL

  2. When I get over my sock phobia I WILL get a few of your patterns to make. How does one get over a sock knitting phobia anyway?

  3. Congrats! The sock looks great!

  4. Great pattern – gorgeous socks!

  5. *cough* Guess you’re a sock knitter now… 😉

    Those are really pretty!

  6. So pretty! What a great pattern.

  7. They are so lovely! I can see why you’d want to knit them over and over again!

  8. Those look great! It would appear that you’re a sock designer as well as a sock knitter….oh my!

  9. How exciting… I love them and plan on getting this pattern soon!

  10. Those look sooo nice! Like JayWalkers, but much roomier/stretchier! Love ’em!

  11. gettingpurlywithit

    Congratulations!!! Lovely design..!

  12. That’s too funny about not being happy with your photos. All your photos look great (this one and the ones from your earlier post). And I bet the ones you don’t like so much are just fine. You take great photos.

  13. Just lovely. All the colours you’ve got there are great! I can’t wait to give these a go.