Are we there yet? Seafoam Socks

I love how these turned out. Just the way I wanted…after much trial and error!

seafoam socks

Seafoam Socks
2 skeins Mirasol Hacho, size 2 Lantern Moon ebony Sox Stix

See the waves? The bubbles? And the sea foam at the rippling edges? I like how the pattern doesn’t fight with the variegated yarn. I’m playing with different yarns and gauges to finish writing the pattern; it will be along soon. By the way, I’ve started a sock with the Butternut Woolens sock yarn. Gorgeous! But it’s pretty heavy for a fingering weight yarn. It actually feels heftier than the Hacho, which is listed as dk weight. Funny how fingering can feel thin, thick, or in-between!

One more contortionist picture:

16 responses to “Are we there yet? Seafoam Socks

  1. I don’t know what’s prettier, the socks or the beautiful Oregon sky.

  2. They turned out great!

  3. Very pretty! The yarn and the pattern suit each other perfectly!

  4. They are so nice!!! Perfect pairing of yarn and pattern!

  5. Beautiful socks! And Sky!

  6. Amazing work, you should be proud!

  7. Great job matching the pattern and the yarn and it was genius to show them against the blue sky. I just want to know how you were posed.

  8. They look lovely! That is such a wonderful colorway. 🙂

  9. great color choice with that pattern!

  10. Yes, very pretty!

  11. Very nice! And I do see the waves, bubbles and sea foam. 🙂

  12. I finished mine too! Now just to mail them off.

  13. Beautiful! And look at that blue sky! Wowza!

    What a perfect match of color and pattern to represent the sea!! Lovely!

  14. You do get the best photos.

  15. Great job on the socks, and also on taking photos of your own feet!

  16. Beautiful! Nice photos too. It’s amazing what we’ll do for a shot. Who needs yoga!