Leyburns, encore


The next thing I did at Crafty Mom weekend: I gave away my Socks that Rock Eggplanted Leyburns. They were just a bit too big for me, but they were perfect for Carole! And after she gave me the fabulously fun needle felting supplies, how could I not give her something wonderful?

But how could I go through life without my own Leyburns?

I can’t. I’m using the Marisol Hacho that I won in Elizabeth’s blogoversary contest. The colorway is Peacock. I wasn’t sure I’d like this colorway in a “normal” pattern because of the red and green together, but I was pretty sure I’d like it with the Leyburn’s slip stitch pattern. And I do.

hacho leyburn

Like the Eggplanted Leyburns, these are knit from the cuff down. These are on 48 stitches; the last ones were on 54. This is a much snugger fit. Perfect! I used the same twisted edge as the last ones, except I knit 6 rows of garter instead of 4 before twisting. I like the oomphier rolled edge.

hacho leyburn top

The only thing I didn’t love is how the red pooled at the top of the ankle while I was decreasing my gusset stitches. (The bottom of the gusset pooled blue and green, which looks great.) I know this is a function of my round heel (flap and gusset), but I like the fit of this heel better than the short row heel I used last time. I’ll live with it; it’s a sock! One down, one to go.

Oh, I made my first Leyburns with Lantern Moon Sox Stix, ebony size 2, 5 inches long. These were nice to work with, but just a bit too short for the way I hold my needles. I rest the far end of the needle against the pinky side of my hand, and these were poking me there. As a research project, I bought some 6 inch long Sox Stix, and I like them much better! I’m pleased that there’s a choice offered. I don’t mind knitting on my old 7 inch birch needles, but this keeps me from having to slide stitches as far to the working end of the needle. And I love working with ebony. The 6 inch needles will be my go-to needles for socks, since most of my socks are on dk or sport weight.

sox stix

Would you like to try the 5 inch Sox Stix? Leave a comment on this post, and I’ll have a drawing for them on Monday, February 16. Good luck!

23 responses to “Leyburns, encore

  1. Pretty pretty! (the socks and the needles)

    I haven’t tried the Lantern Moon DPNs yet, but I agree that they are lovely.

  2. Oh, I can’t wait until I can start my Leyburns! I’ve just got a few projects I have to get done first. If people would quit having babis, I’d get to them much quicker.

  3. Your Leyburns look great! I need to make that pattern now. The slip stitches really break up the colors. Another pattern that does that is Slippery by Olivia M. (from Knitty some time back)

    I’d love the Sox Stix! Beautiful.

  4. Ooh, I think I like this colorway even better than the last one.

    I think you should embrace the pooling – or at least make it your mission to make it identical on the next sock. (Yes, that is how I deal with pooling that is driving me crazy when it’s 2 of something like a sock or a mitten – if they’re identical I’m able to think of it as more of a design feature. Or maybe I’m just strange.)

  5. Very pretty socks – the pooling isn’t tool bad, and overall the patttern and yarn really are nice!

  6. Your new Leyburns are lovely! Also the Crafty Mom weekend sounds like lots of fun.

  7. you know I would! I’m addicted to ebony, I want all my needles to be ebony. I LOVE EBONY. Okay, I’ll calm down. : )

  8. I’d love to try those!

  9. I’d love to give them a try. They look just lovely.

  10. Oooh love the Leyburns in the Mirasol! Nice!

  11. Great Leyburns #2! I’m working on a 2nd pair as well. The first pair is destined for a charity auction for my sons’ school. Next pair are mine. I agree – fewer stitches next time around & gusset construction.

  12. I rather enjoy the pooling, myself. It’s an interesting colorway to boot :D.

    So, I have a partial residence in Portland (Dad lives there, I live with Mom in Eugene), and I have been wanting to go to Yarnia for awhile. I was wondering, have you ever been there? If so, what was your opinion?

  13. I don’t expect to win. Thought I’d throw in though that I’ve never tried Sox Stix and love ebony. ;^)

    Until you commented on the red pooling at the ankle it hadn’t jumped out at me. They are very pretty socks though!

  14. oooooh…Sock sticks! I’m so jealous! I’m just getting ready to cast on for the Leyburn socks. Just two promised hats to finish first…

  15. I like the way the yarn is knitting up! I wasn’t sure what it was going to look like from the skein. I think I probably wouldn’t like it just knit up plain. I like these better than the Eggplanted ones! =)

    Also I’d love to try out your 5″ Sox Sticks. I’ve had my eye on some at my LYS, but haven’t wanted to splurge on them yet.

  16. BEAUTIFUL socks, I love the colors and the pattern really is gorgeous. Now this will be on my to do list. The rolled edge is very nice, I will have to incorporate that in the near future. How kind of you to give away the other socks you made and with such wonder yarn as well!

  17. What beautiful needles…and the new Leyburns look great, too, of course. I’m still slogging away on mine – hope to have pics soon.

  18. I think I am definately going to make these socks next time I decide to knit socks. I LOVE them so much.

  19. Oh man, you’re going to finish two pair before I finish my first! They’re looking good!

    I haven’t used that yarn before. What do you think?

  20. Very pretty leyburns!

  21. Looks like you had a blast on the coast!! So pretty too!

    Love your new Leyburns!

  22. I’ve never knit with ebony needles before. I’d love to try 5″ dpns, I was thinking the shorter dpn would be better as you wouldn’t have to move the needles as much to work them above/below each other, and thus prevent “stress” on the stitches between the needles (which affect laddering). I often feel as though I’m causing “stress” on the stitches when I’m moving 6″ or 8″ dpns around. The shorter length would also reduce the amount of cursing when trying to work on the few thumb stitches on mitts.

    Interesting that you rest the far end of your needle on your pinky. I rest it on my ring finger, and I’ve found that knittng for long stretches causes a sore spot there. Maybe I just need to loosen up my grip.

  23. Diane in Northern CA

    I love the twisted edge! I’m about to start my first pair of Leyburns and am thinking about using it too.