Stashbusting improvisation

Well, I didn’t make another pair of socks. I decided to try something else with the stash yarn.

hat close

What is it? Besides bright and cheery.

hat brim

It’s trying to be an earflap cap. I’m designing as I go. I mostly like it. But I don’t like that the brim in front is flipping up. I should have started with some garter stitch at the edge.


The earflaps themselves tend to curl. That’s their nature, being stockinette stitch. I think some crochet around the edges will tame that problem. The flaps could also be about half an inch shorter, but I’m not going back to the beginning to change them!

I generally don’t wear hats; they mess up my hair. But after all the snow of the past couple weeks, I decided that a hat could be a good thing. Earflaps and some braids on the flaps would give some visual interest (pretend to be a hairstyle?); I think I’d like that better than a beanie.

First try at the crown shaping was not what I wanted, so I’m on the second attempt. It’s all trial and error here.

Happy new year!

9 responses to “Stashbusting improvisation

  1. I think it’s looking great! Happy holidays to you!

  2. I agree, it looks really good. I need to learn color work, there is just so much that can be made I feel I am missing out.

  3. It’s looking great! You can always take a tip from the Thorpe pattern and just do the crocheted edging around the whole thing, not just the flaps. That’ll take care of your brim problem.

  4. Nice color work here too. I learned how to make earflaps when I made a Jayne Cobb Hat for DH. He usually doesn’t wear hats because it messes up his hair, but he will wear the hat I made him only when he’s in the house.

    I understand using up little bits of different colors is a good way to stash bust, especially with those odd leftover balls. But I don’t understand how efficient that is with colorwork like this, when you have to strand just as much yarn along the back for both colors.

  5. What pretty colors together! It looks great! 🙂

  6. Very cool hat! I agree with the thought of crocheting along the edge might help the curling issue.

  7. Its looking fabulous!! Great job!

  8. I love the color combo. I know it’s the same as the socks, but it looks really different with the red and orange being the main colors.

  9. Looking good. I hate hats on my head, too but sometimes you just need to forget how it looks and wear one. This one will look great on you.